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Share Your EdTech Expertise - Write for Us

Do you have something you really wish to write and share with the edtech community?

EdTechReview has started to accept guest posts allowing the community members to produce their own content but with editorial guidelines mentioned below to follow.

Educators and Teachers can smoothly share:

  • Their stories and experiences on how they use technology for the betterment of learners;
  • The various ways in which they are using technologies to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Administrators and Educational/Instructional Technology Staff can share their ideas, observations and tell us about:

  • What it takes for successful and effective implementation and adoption of instructional technology;
  • What works and what does not in edtech integration - challenges and opportunities;
  • Their experiences and successes or failures;
  • The various educational technology uses and initiatives they have encouraged and supported within their schools and colleges.

Read below for detailed GUIDELINES!

Reader Profile

The reader can be anyone involved in the edtech community, may be a teacher, educator, administrator from education institutions across PreK12 to Higher Ed, education/edtech entrepreneur, education investors/VCs, education and business leaders, policy makers and govt. officials in the sector, education trainers and consultants or just people who are just keen on understanding the edtech scene globally.

No-Brainer Tips for Post Consideration

  1. Do not write about your product/start-up, its features or self-glory! That would not be considered by the ETR Team. If you wish to get your product/start-up featured, you may fill this review request form. The purpose of writing guest posts should be shared learning with the community and not self-promotion.
  2. Photos/Images should be properly credited and linked back to their sources, unless all rights are owned by you/the author. All submissions must be licensed or labeled for reuse with or without modifications. 
  3. Don’t show any biases in your article. Do not write about a company you are affiliated with.
  4. Please include a brief bio (80 words max), links to your work (Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blog, etc.) along with a thumbnail picture of yourself [W:100px H:100px].
  5. Good grammar please - Lack of clarity or command of written English can get your post rejected.
  6. Don’t write about topics that have been beaten to death. Try to think of a totally new topic, or take an interesting angle on an old one. The idea is to find ways to value-add to the readers in form of new tips and insights on your topic/domain. Not enough of a new perspective or information can get your post rejected.

Content that works

ETR community members contribute through publishing articles and opinions on the platform. We have seen that there are certain types of content that work better than others. Here are tips on what works:

Personal story

Most companies want to post their press releases on how great their company or products are. The truth is, no one likes reading that. Instead, the best performing articles about companies are stories told from a personal perspective, the “What I learned” articles, about their success, failure or obstacles that they had to overcome as a team or leader. People want to read relatable and human stories, they don’t want to read press releases. As a fact, no press release has ever gone viral. Example5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Class, My Twenty-First Century Classroom: A Vision for the 2015-2016 School Year, Insights From a TEDx Talk on Classroom of the Future, Hear, Do, Be - Reflection by a School Principal

Criticism about something in the sector

We think the edtech industry needs plenty of reflection and lot of sharing. We and our readers just love it when thought leaders, insiders, and contributors give much needed criticism about a certain aspect of what companies, investors or the industry in general is doing. Just make sure your criticisms are well-founded and not mean. Let’s all be constructive. Example: Is Technology Being Integrated Effectively?, Selling to International School Market: A Challenging Territory, How to Crack Selling Education Products to School - Part 1

Controversial topics

Without a doubt, and naturally, some of the best content on our site is controversial. It pushes the limits of a topic that is hot on people’s minds. But like criticism, you must be ready to back it up! ExampleTechnology or Education? What Comes First?‏, Why Teachers Who Use Technology Will Replace Teachers Who Don't?, Teaching With Technology or Traditionally? The Key is to Balance the Way Out


There are so many deeper topics you may consider to make it easy for people working in the edtech space better understand the market. Analyses give a much-needed insight into the inner workings of these industries. EdTech ecosystem needs more transparency to give everyone a deeper understanding of how our industry works. Use credible sources to back up your claims. Provide numbers, graphs, and charts to help readers visualize the situation. ExampleWhy the Time is Now for Asian EdTech Startups, The B2B and B2C Battle in EdTech Globally, Indonesia To Be One Of The World’s Top Buyers Of Mobile Learning Products In 2017, A Comprehensive Approach To Student Employability, Why Asia is a Great Market for EdTech Companies & Accelerators, Selling to International School Market: A Challenging Territory

Tips & How to Guides

Another type of content that has proven popular are How To guides, the useful tips/list on x. Such posts give tips, advice and guidance to people on various topics related to building a company in this space or some stakeholder-specific practice. Give tips that haven’t been given before. Be refreshing in both the tips you give and the language you use. Inserting anecdotes, and jokes can be a good thing. Example: How to Achieve a Student-Driven Classroom, Key Tips for School Leaders on School Marketing


We are open to experiment with our content which may accept new types of content. Example: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants - A Business Case around the use of OER, 11 Ways To Protect The Intellectual Property of Your Online Course, Do’s and Don’ts for Flipping Your Classroom, Why Teachers Fear Mobile Tech in the Classroom – But Shouldn’t


Submit a post for the edtech community here

For any clarifications please contact [email protected]


Note: EdTech companies looking for self-promotion shall not participate in this, as your promotional posts will not be accepted. For sponsored or native posts, kindly visit our Content Ads Page.

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EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century.

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