Membership Benefits (Details)

ETR Membership aims to enable institutions to successfully adopt, implement and utilize technology to meet the 21st century needs of their teachers, administrators and students.

Access to ETR Events: Featuring successful educators and education leaders, prominent thought leaders through various events on 21st century education and educational technology highlighting real life practices and discussions.

The events might include:

  • Annual Meeting of the community members
  • Showcase of member initiatives and best practices around technology integration to meet 21st century education
  • Face-to-face networking opportunity with leaders and educators from across the country (including specialists from outside the country).
  • Refinement of the content, tools, initiatives and future priorities through member collaboration.

Global EdTech Conferences: Discounted access to some of the great EdTech Conferences worldwide.

EdTech and 21st Century Ed Focus: Interact with those who are passionate about 21st century education, understand the role of technology in it, and have a curiosity to learn about the education trends.

Training and Professional Development Opportunities: Learn from the leading minds in EdTech. Sharpen your skills and be at your best by taking advantage of our professional learning opportunities. Whether you are a teacher looking to enhance your instructional practices, or a school leader seeking to foster change, we have services to fit a variety of needs.

Opportunity to Network and Build Relations with Eminent Members: Opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded educators committed to 21st century education. Network and cultivate relationships with key community members – who are successful educational leaders and passionate about the mission of ETR, and are keen to mentor, guide and support the educators new to 21st century education initiatives and education technology integration.

Active Educators, Education Trainers and Consultants Network: Access to an Active Educators, Trainers and Consultants Network to get help in fixing the educational technology adoption challenges and issues primarily such as creating a vision, plan, roadmap, and support structure for bringing new practices in the classrooms.

Forum to showcase your practices: ETR provides educators with opportunities to collaborate with peers to share knowledge, best 21st century practices, and technology integration strategies at any time. ETR offers formal and informal opportunities and forums to showcase your experiences and practices by highlighting your success stories of innovative uses of educational technologies in the classroom.

Awards and Recognitions: Be recognized globally for the exceptional work you do. With support of different organizations we recognize institutions and educators through awards, organize various competitions and create different recognition platforms throughout the year in order to appreciate and bring your practices in front of our community.

Share common interests: Engage with like-minded educators not only in your country but across the globe. You will have an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other educators and educational leaders who are practicing such initiatives both online and offline.

Niche Groups: Access to niche groups on ETR - PLC website will give you access to global educational leaders and their profiles.

Digital Badge and Certificate Program: We partner with various institutions and organizations to offer digital certificates to students, teachers and administrators for their various roles in 21st century learning, 21st century teaching, and 21st century leadership.

Speaking, Training and Advisory Opportunities: Being a community, we make sure that the right person is at the right place to share knowledge with others by profiling individual members based on their key areas of specialties and interests. Based on your profiles, we provide you with numerous opportunities for training and advisory, speaking and presenting at national and international educational events (conferences and workshops) throughout the year.

Volunteer opportunities: Preference for volunteer opportunities, which avails complimentary access to certain events.

Free or Discounted access to new products and their reviews: With the launch of new products on a daily basis, you would always want to test the product and understand if fits into your current workflow. We provide you free or discounted access to those products so that you can be sure about its use in the classroom or school environment. We also provide a detailed review of these products based on various educational parameters and its usage in the classroom, so that deciding on a product is made easier for you.

Giveaways and vouchers: Only members get several giveaways and vouchers from us or third party educational organizations.

ETR aims to guide the development of resources and services to support students, teachers and administrators for learning, teaching and leading in the 21st century successfully.