Training and Professional Development (TPD)

We believe that successful technology integration and 21st century education initiatives in schools require ongoing, sustained professional development.

Our program – LTL21 (Learning, Teaching and Leading in the 21st Century) is a training and professional development program that guides and supports students, teachers and administrators for learning, teaching and leading successfully in this digital age.

We help students, teachers and administrators to understand the imperative role of technology in their daily tasks and workflow so that they are ready to take advantage of technology not only inside the classroom but even outside. With our program you would be able to bring 21st century practices of innovative teaching and learning into the classroom, improve and transform the school vision and the classroom learning experiences.

We do this through Keynote Presentations, Hands-on Training Workshops, Online Courses, and Live Webinars by world-renowned authorities on learning, teaching, and leading.

Our workshops can be as short as a day or as long as a full week. We can give presentations to larger groups in auditoriums or work intensively in smaller hands-on sessions.


Online Professional Development

Webinars and Courses

Webinars are the perfect answer for just-in-time professional learning. Each webinar is developed and facilitated by expert authors, world-renowned authorities on learning, teaching, and leading. Topics may range from social networking and online learning to the latest technology tool for learning.
You are provided with a link back to the webinar archive, which gives you the flexibility to watch when it works best for you and to refer back as often as you like.

Online Courses

Online courses offer participants a high-quality and interactive professional learning experience developed by experts in the field of education technology. Choose from self-paced courses that can be taken at any time or facilitated courses that are run as live events.
Keynote webinars and courses feature thought leaders. Training courses are broken down into lessons and modules, each focusing directly on how tools can be applied in the classroom.

All webinars and courses are led by expert authors, world-renowned authorities on learning, teaching, and leading.

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Our online community is a highly-acclaimed professional social and learning network that has become a vibrant online community for exceptional educators, decision-makers, and influencers who are on the leading edge of innovation in education. Be a part and get recognized as top influencers in the niche groups by learning and contributing in the PLC.

Any educator can use it to create a personal learning network or professional learning community to make it easier to collaborate, share ideas, and move forward faster with new ideas and initiatives, particularly those that leverage technology to accelerate improvement.

Our members include teachers, principals, faculty, administrators, and librarians at both K12 and HigherEd institutions. Schools, colleges, associations, non-profits, and education companies are using it for online collaboration, and spreading the word about our easy yet robust platform.

A place where educators who are looking for ways to improve teaching and learning can gather and share information and ideas with peers and thought leaders in the industry.

"Our PLC aims to connect the early adopters of educational technology to experienced leaders and practitioners."

Niche Groups

The niche groups provide opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded educators. Like-minded educators across the globe are members of these Niche Groups, where they can share questions, strategies, challenges, and resources with other educators and group members. The Niche Groups serve as a source of rapid answers to questions and provide a growing collection of online professional development resources in particular areas. Group members also have access to an ongoing series of live webinars addressing important and timely topics in that specific field.

Whether you are looking for advice on using a new tool or on integrating new practices in your classroom, the niche groups will help you achieve the same.

Join the discussions, find more resources and meet other members by participating in these groups.

Leadership Blogs & Interviews

Leadership blogs and interviews feature members from across the globe and highlight best practices around 21st century education and educational technology. The leadership blogs & interviews allow community members to identify leaders in the network they can reach out to for expertise in certain areas.

“Connect with other education leaders across the globe.”