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Make sure your online school is accredited — an endorsement that college use to let potential students know they are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

FAQs about online (or traditional) accreditation:

It’s voluntary and a non-governmental
It’s done by independent agencies
Agencies set their own quality standards
If schools pass the agency review, it is an endorsement of their school’s legitimacy

Over 80: Number of accrediting agencies recognized by D.O.E.

2: There are two types of accrediting agencies

Recognized: comes from U.S. D.O.E.
Unrecognized: agencies not officially recognized by D.O.E.+

Types of “Recognized” Accreditation

“Institutional” and “programmatic.”
Institutional accreditation normally applies to an entire institution,.
Specialized or programmatic accreditation applies to programs, departments, or schools that are parts of an institution.

FACT: D.O.E. does not accredit colleges in foreign countries. It does appoint members to the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation.

online degree programs infographic

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