• Inventory & Asset Management

  • Invisible Computing

    Invisible computing in education is teachers and students having access to technology (computing devices, the Internet, services) whenever and wherever they need it. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • IOT

  • iPad in Classroom

    Schools working on the BYOD model or 1:1 model often prefer using iPads in the classroom. iPad opens up new opportunities for learning. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights. apps that you can use, tools, ways and more on the use of iPad in education.

  • Israel

    This page will help you understand more about the education in Israel. Here's where you will find resources on education system in Israel, learning in Israel, high school in Israel and more such relevant articles.

  • Job & Candidate Search

    Online portals for job searching and bridging opportunities and potential candidates are job search engines and websites. These are used by companies for candidate search or for online job search.On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • K-12

    K-12 education comprises the sum of primary and secondary education. With advent of technology, a lot of institutions have started to integrate technology and delivering education with the help of technology is sometimes shortened to k-12 online. This page features all the articles, insights, tips, and other resources related to K-12 education and the use of technology in the same.

  • Kindergarten

    A kindergarten is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the initial education years of kids. This page showcases , tools, games, websites and other resources used to aid the learning in the kindergarten.

  • Language Learning

    People today wants to be multilingual and so the technology comes to help. Web offers many free online language learning software that can help users with acquisition of many languages without having to pay for it. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the free language learning tools/apps/software.

  • Learning & Development

    Learning Development of a child is when they acquire all the important skills in the course to have a better outcome and be future ready. This page will help you track down all the important resources like learning and development courses and more such relevant resources.

  • Learning Analytics

    Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the learning analytics in education.

  • Learning Culture

  • Learning Environment

    The learning needs massively depends on the environment around so it important to have a students learning environment in school where the learning spaces caters to all the needs of students. This page will help you with relevant articles, tips, insights on students learning environment in school, technology in the learning environment and more.

  • Learning Management System

    Education Management System is a repository for data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting of educational information including schools, students, teachers and staff. A course management system (CMS) is a collection of software tools providing an online environment for course interactions. Training Management System are used to plan, implement, and assess a course content. Student Management System is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data. Online Learning Management System also known as LMS (Learning Management System) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs. On this page you will find you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the mentioned management system.

  • Learning Spaces

    Learning Spaces has a major role to play in the learning outcomes. This list will help you track down the best resources to learning spaces in the classroom, learning space resources online, tips, insights and more.

  • Learning Style/Multiple Intelligence

    There are various types of learning styles like Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social and Solitary. Howard Gardner has proposed a theory of Multiple Intelligences. The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates intelligence into specific (primarily sensory) 'modalities', rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. Howard Gardner proposed this model in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to Gardner, an intelligence must fulfill eight criteria: potential for brain isolation by brain damage, place in evolutionary history, presence of core operations, susceptibility to encoding (symbolic expression), a distinct developmental progression, the existence of savants, prodigies and other exceptional people, and support from experimental psychology and psychometric findings. On this page you will find all the resources on the various learning styles and this theory of Howard Gardner multiple intelligences.

  • Learning Technologist

  • Lecture Capture