• Gamification

    Integrating game playing in the education course to make it engaging and fun for students is gamification. There are many ways to practice this technique but mainly is an online technique. There are various apps, online gaming platforms available that can be used by students or educators to use gamified ways of learning. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Geography

    While studying about the earth technology makes it even more engaging. Various technologies like AR, VR and more helps in bringing education to life providing a real life experience to learners. This page highlights geography learning apps, tools and software, other web resources and more such relevant articles to help you with the Geography education.

  • German

  • Girl Education

  • Global Citizen

  • Globalization

    The forces associated with globalization have conditioned the context in which educators operate, and profoundly altered people's experience of both formal and informal education. The relation of education and globalization is dependent on each other and thus impact of globalization on education is huge. This page will highlight the relevant resources in relation to the same.

  • Google

    Google Play for Education is an extension of Google Play designed for schools. Here educators can discover Android and Chrome apps approved by teachers.Google play apps for education includes all the tools that are needed by students or educators. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on Google Play In education.

  • Government Schools

  • Gradebooks

    A gradebook is a paper or electronic tool that allows to manage student grades. A good gradebook allows educators to enter various grading rubrics using different performance criteria, evaluation scales and aggregation. There are many free online gradebook for teacher. On this page you will find information about relevant tools, apps, insights to manage gradebooks and more.

  • Grammar

  • Grants

    Integration of technology in institutions is a complex decision. to help ed-leaders with the same, ETR has curated a list of resources that will help with resources on technology grants for schools, grants for students, grants app, tips, insights, tools, relevant articles and more.

  • Green School

  • Group Based Learning

    One of the most common teaching methods, Problem Based Learning is a student centered approach in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem found in existing material. Here's where you will find relevant articles,group and project based learning ideas, problem based learning examples, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Hands on Learning

    Hands on approach to learning is incorporating educational method that directly involves the learner, by actively encouraging them to do something in order to learn about it. On this page you will find articles, tips, insights, tools and more that can help in the better understanding and in practicing of this education methodology.

  • Hardware

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is one important aspect of any organization and now education institutions have started taking care of the health aspects of the students and other staff for the optimum well being. Here's where you will find healthcare solutions, healthcare apps and website, mobile health apps and more resources relevant to the same.

  • HelpDesk

    Help Desk services in education institutions are very helpful to those trying to reach to the institute. This service helps in providing information and support to computer users sitting across and looking for you. This page highlights resources to best help desk software for schools, helpdesk app, and many such relevant resources.

  • Higher Education

    Online education is gaining increasing like-ability in the higher education. Technology has already made its way in the sects if higher and online higher education technology is the new thing people are finding of great benefit as it gives them the ease and mobility. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Higher Order Thinking

  • Hindi

    Hindi, this Indian language is one of the official languages of India, and is the lingua franca of the Hindi belt languages. This page highlights Hindi learning site, software, apps and tools and other resources in regard to the same.