Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are we doing this?

A. The lack of awareness on the use of technology in education enhancement will land up to a situation of no survival in this current age of “knowledge bombardment”.

We want educators to be exposed to the pace of growth of technology and match it with a combination of knowledge on what is best for them and open minds to its adoption.
The news, trends, updates, data & analytics, case studies, events, apps/tools and campus reviews related to Education Technology in India is at present the requirement for institute educators to keep up the pace with that of technology in the world.

Q. What will I find on your site?

A. You will find latest news, insight and trends on education technology.

You will find Campus EdTech Reviews of various colleges and universities.

You will find details on events, workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences regarding education and technology.

You will find free case studies and reports on various topics, or products, or institutes or edtech vendors.

Soon, you will find:

Directory of products with reviews.

Policy frameworks by the government.

EdTech dictionary to aware people with edtech terminology.

EdTech Need, to provide you with solutions to your problems and needs with help of our research and edtech vendors.

Q. Where are we located?

A. Our head office is situated at Noida, India from where we operate our first initiative EdTechReview-India.

We will soon be coming up with the same quality of content in various nations.

Q. How will I benefit?

A. Being an institute/university/college or its decision-maker:

  • You can know and learn from the reviews on EdTech experiences and practices that are followed by various other institutes in the education industry.
  • We also review your practices and ways of using an EdTech product (if any) or using any technology for enhancing the delivery of education in your campus, and publish them on our websites to let others know your success stories and learn from it.
  • We will be helpful to you by providing you with a community where you can get solutions to your EdTech pain points through our reviews and articles or directly from the EdTech vendors as well, who are also members of the same community.
  • We offer list of products for you to decide on which one to use them according to your requirements with the help of our reviews on each product and enhance the level of education being delivered.

Being a student:

  • You are up to date with all products, apps or tools which can make various tasks involved in your education easy, few of them being online research, online assignments, online learning, finding the right sources, making presentations etc.
  • You can be a part of EdTechReview through our Campus Ambassador Program by being our face for your college and contributing in increasing the knowledge within your campus. (Did I forget about the Perks and certificates?)
  • We offer list of products for you to enhance your skills, learning experience and ability to learn.

Being a faculty or teacher:

  • The problems faced by you in technology adoption would be solved by us through various training workshops.
  • You can be a contributor to EdTechReview by posting us your experiences and insights on the use of technology product in education. (We will review your post and publish it on our site if selected, and yes we will mention your name on the articles posted.)
  • We offer list of products that can be used to enhance your management and learning skills, teaching experience and interaction with students.

Other common benefits:

  • You are informed about the current events, seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences related to education technology which you would not afford to miss.
  • You can post us with your needs or pain points and solution to it will be reviewed and mailed in your inbox.

Q. What do I do next?

A. To stay connected and updated with all the edtech content, you can subscribe for our newsletter here.

Also create an account to unlock various options like profiling, participation in forums and discussion and access various product lists.

Share the website with others.

Q. How can I contribute to ETR?

A. We are a community where developers, edtech vendors and educators can exchange ideas and inspire one another.

  • Being an educator you can share your insights with us here.
  • You can share your personal reviews on a product here.
  • Let the community know your needs and pain points so that the Developers and the Edtech vendors in the same community can suggest or develop a solution to those problems. You can let us know your needs and pain point here.
  • Educators with experience of using a product or technology can share their edtech practices here.
  • We respect the feedback from our community. If you want us to cover something that has not been done by us, let us know the details about it here.
  • Being an edtech vendor, you can help us know about any new product here.
  • Share our website with others.

Q. What we expect from community members?



1)  To discover the best product or technology according to your need.

2)  To understand and learn how to use and put them to work.

3)  To utilize them in real life practices, and

4) To contribute by sharing your practices and experience with other community members, in order to spread the knowledge and let others discover from your learning.

Through this cyclic principle, each member of the community can be a learner as well as be a contributor to answer to “how” a student, teacher, management, and decision-maker can benefit from use of technology in education.

Q. How do we make money?

A. We charge fees for running advertisements on our website.

We also charge for events, seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences we host.

We are experts in training and consultancy for the education technology industry, and we do charge for on-site training and consultation.

We expect to create quality premium content and services in future.


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