Article Submission Handbook

To submit an article to EdTechReview, you need to follow this checklist

✓ You have already gone through our briefing document - Write for us.

✓ You have an article ready as per the Guest Post Guidelines.

✓ Your Sample Post has been approved and you have updated us with your ETR Account User Name through e-mail.

✓ You have the unique media or you have the rights to use and share the media that you are about to use for your article on EdTechReview.

✓ You have your profile updated with the correct information (including your bio and a profile web-link as per the Guest Post Guidelines).

✓ You agree with all the terms and conditions for guest posting set out in the Guest Post Guidelines.

If you have the above mentioned points in your favour, you are ready to post your content on ETR.

Steps to Post:

  1. Make sure you are logged in. If not, click here, login, come back to this page and reload the page.
  2. Click on “Submit Article Menu” right from here or from your accounts page listed under the "User Menu".
  3. Paste your article in the editing area.
  4. Do a proper formatting of your article (use appropriate formatting options like: “B”, “I”, “U”, “ ”, “ ”, etc.).
  5. You must not change the size or font style of the text.
  6. For heading, use “B” (bold) or under "Format drop-down, use Heading-5" to distinguish.
  7. For all web-links, select the text to hyper-link, click on the “ ”.
    In the window that opens, put the destination link in the "URL" field (make sure to include "http://" in the link) and title of the link in "Title" field. Click "Insert" to insert the link.
  8. After your are ready with the body of the article, put in the appropriate "article title" in the "Title" field at the top of the page.
  9. For adding images to your Article, visit
    In the google search, type-in the desired keywords to search an appropriate image for your article (for example: MOOC). The results will show all the images form the EdTechReview site based on your keyword. Click on the appropriate image and on the right side click "View Image".
    This will open the image. From here you may copy the link of the image. Now from the image link, remove the initial part "" and make the link look like "/images/path-to-the-image".
    It is recommended to select the image with the following dimensions:
            Recommended: 980x551
            Minimum: 640x360
            Maximum: 1920x1080
            Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Use this tool to calculate the image dimensions when using your own images).
    Just in case you don't find an appropriate image and/or you wish to put your own image (for which you have the rights to use/reuse and share) you may mail the same image(s) to us at and in the subject mention the exact article title. In case there are images to be inserted within the body, send us a .doc/.docx file of your article to the above mentioned email address with images inserted at the appropriate places.
  10. Now once you have the link ready, click on the “Images & Links section”. Under this for options “Intro Image” and “Full article image”, click "select" against each and paste in the link in the "Image URL" field in the pop-up and click insert (Skip this step if you are sending the images over email). 
  11. In the “Image Title” and “Caption”, copy and paste the article title.
  12. You also need to insert a read more in the article. For this visit, paste in your 1st (or first two) paragraph(s) of your article. Delete the extra characters till the page reads the character count anywhere between 245-275 where a sentence ends. Back to editor, place your cursor to the desired character limit point and click “READ MORE” button at the bottom of the editing window to insert “Read More”. As soon as you click this button, you will see a grey bar just where you wanted to insert the read more.
  13. Finally click “Save and Close”.

As soon as the article is submitted properly, our content quality team gets to work and once all quality checks are done properly; your article is put live in not more than 20 business days from the date of submission (We follow IST).

You may make multiple submissions with new content while your previous submission is under review. Please note, under any violation to the following terms, we will terminate your account without notice. You will also lose all your credits for your contribution and access to the registered areas. We might as well block your IP address on our servers. We shall not be responsible for anything under such circumstances. Terms:

  • Violation of Guest Post Guidelines.
  • Unauthorised tweaks to the posted/approved articles.
  • Any alteration to the articles other than the above listed points.
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