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Lissa Chazot is an Apple Distinguished Educator, one of the first two teachers recognised in India. Currently, she is studying at the ULB CERIS School of Diplomacy and working as a Technology Expert in Brussels. She continues to consult with Mahatma Gandhi International School in Ahmedabad, one of the most innovative and inclusive schools in India. With MGIS students, she has worked on outcomes using Apple technology which have been used by the Office of the Chief Election Officer (Gujarat), municipal authorities, NGOs etc. and has reached an audience of more than 7.5 million people. </br>She has been conferred the Pearson Teaching Award, a national award for teaching excellence and has featured on CNN IBN. She has been recognised by Tata Consultancy Services ION, EdTech Review etc. She has been an expert member of the Technical Committee on School Children constituted by the Election Commission of India to develop educational tools and training kits and a member of the UNDP Decentralisation Community of Practice.