• Jon Bergmann

    Jon serves on the advisory board for TED-Education. Jon, along with Aaron Sams, is considered a pioneer in the Flipped Class Movement. Jon is dedicated to writing, speaking and otherwise promoting the flipped classroom concept. Jon helped found the Flipped Learning Network, a non-profit organization which provides resources and research about flipped learning.

  • Eric Sheninger
  • Dr. Rod Berger

    Vice President of Education, RANDA Solutions. Strategic Connector, Author, Speaker.

  • Chris Carter

    Teacher using tech as a tool to guide kids through higher-order thinking, and project-based learning experiences at Concordia International School Shanghai, China. Implement technologies that make pedagogy more effective and efficient in classrooms, and guide teachers in their use. Ensure smooth functioning of Social Science Department as Team Leader

  • Rob Furman

    In his 8th year as principal at South Park Elementary, Rob has served as an educator for 17 years and a principal for a total of 11 years. He is the author of Instructional Technology Tools: A Professional Development Plan and Motivating the Reluctant Reader Through Technology. He is also an educational blogger for The Huffington Post. Rob was honored as a "20 To Watch" in the field of educational technology by the National School Board Association and was recently named a Tribune Review News Maker of the Year 2013 for the City of Pittsburgh.

  • Dheeraj Mehrotra

    Dr. Mehrotra is presently working as Vice President (Academics & Training) with Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad,www.nexteducation.com with a vast experience through his past workstations which include Bishop Johnson School, Allahabad, Boys’ High School, Allahabad, City Montessori School,Lucknow, De Indian Public School, New Delhi, GEMS Education, Gurgaon and SCH Technologies, New Delhi. He has conducted over 100 workshops globally on “Excellence In Education” integrated with Total Quality Management and Education Management & Six Sigma In Academics

  • Gabriel S. Zinny

    Gabriel Sanchez Zinny is president of Kuepa.com, introducing blended learning to LatinAmerica education systems. He is an entrepreneur, focused on education and the improvement of educational quality in the Americas, with a background in public affairs industry and the promotion of the hispanic agenda in the US.

  • Allison Baum
  • Ruth Valle

    I am a teacher, instructor, assistant professor, and co-CEO of a consultant company, constantly searching for ways to network with other professionals in my area and looking for ways to improve instruction using the latest technologies available.

  • Joe Kuzo

    Joe has worked in Quakertown Community School District since 2001 and has recently been appointed to the Director of Technology for the district. Our district serves about 5500 students and supports roughly 7000 district owned devices. This does not include our BYOD initiative devices. Quakertown Comm. School District has been noted by such publications and websites as Forbes, District Administration, Tech & Learning, Digital Learning Day, EdTechReview, and THE Journal for their excellent cyber and blended learning models. We are also one of few districts who are part of “Project Red” http://www.projectred.org

  • Ramanatha Sastry

    Coordinator, Curriculum Research and Development Center, Podar institutions

  • Dawn Casey-Rowe

    Thirteen years experience in urban education with strong writing/research background. Co-owner of two locations of iLoveKickboxing.com. Ten years experience in auto/casualty claims resolution. Content production and outreach for Learnist. Consulting and beta testing for edtech startups. Consultant at Learnist

  • Vicky Papageorgiou
  • Sabba N. Quidwa
  • Swati Lahiri

    Swati Chatterjee Lahiri is a passionate educator turned entrepreneur who has come up with an innovative method of introducing 21st Century Learning Skills for the young minds by way of her e-learning website - www.globastudy.com and www.globastudy.co.uk After having spent more than a decade in the financial services indusrty, Swati has a Bachelors degree in Human Development and Masters Degree in Curriculum Design. Swati brings 21st Century Learning designed in her own methodology in the garb of differentiated instruction for all kinds of learners with the sole purpose of helping them to succeed and bring out their PERSONAL BEST.

  • Harry Keller

    I have been creating Internet-based educational software, especially real science labs and supporting material for better educating students across the world in science for over a decade. Building on available technology to make science more engaging, more exciting, and more available gets me excited every day.

  • Anant Mishra

    Anant Mishra is a former youth representative United Nations.Almost 4 years of experience, he has served in number of committees including United Nations Conference for Trade and Development and Economic and Social Council primarily focusing on international trade, education, finance, economics. food crisis and disputes. Currently he is serving as State Convener - Chhattisgarh for a nation wide think tank Centre for Education Growth and Research, New Delhi. He is also serving as a mentor & member of the organising committee Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014.Prior to this he was a foreign affairs columnist for bureaucracy today and economy analyst for business insider.Currently he is an editor for foreign affairs with political mirror, columnist for the business digest and business world. He is strategic analyst and author for Indian defence review. Author for International Relations Youth Ki Awaaz and iReporter CNN. He is also an author for Indian Economic Review, Delhi School of Economics.

  • Joyce Campbell

    "Connecting for Professional Development and positioning to make a greater contribution to the children in my community and country. "

  • Patricia Eljaiek

    Technology coordinator at our lady queen of martyrs school

  • Priyanka Gupta
  • Parveen Sharma

    Parveen believes in being a Teacher. He has been teaching Communication Skills for more than a decade to students from K-12 to HigherEd. He is an each-moment user of EdTech for Teaching. He writes about Communication Skills, EdTech & EduSoMedia, Teachers’ Training and various aspects of skill development. Parveen is credited with the establishment of EduSoMedia Model of Teaching-Learning in HigherEd.

  • Narender Gilhotra

    Narender Gilhotra has been enjoying classroom teaching for 17 years, and been involved in Maths-English-Science Teaching. He is passionate about transforming education in India. He is also a Google Certified Teacher, Google Teacher Academy, Sydney 2013 so he serves the education system through teacher training. He is an animal lover and a life long learner.

  • Business Wire India
  • Harish Iyer
  • Walter Duncan
  • Navin Pathak
  • Eric Patnoudes
  • Charlie Chung
  • Andoni Sanz

    I'm a Computer Scientist working as a STEM Teacher and an Educational Technologist. Google Certified Educator and Moodle expert, I'm immersed in a non-stop research on technology applied to education, combined with the latest pedagogy trends, as blended learning or gamification.

  • Uday Nair

    Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field of 'Business Analysis', 'Strategic Growth', 'Training and Coaching', 'e-Learning', 'Data Analytics', ' Research and Development of Ubiquitous Technologies', ' Project Management', 'Social Entrepreneurship' and 'Innovation'. Worked across UK, India, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Jan Felton
  • Jessie Arora

    I'm passionate about cultivating the education startup ecosystem to help create tools and services that improve teaching and learning for all students. My recent work with TeacherSquare is focused on bringing educators and edtech together to build a community of practice of educators to help improve technology integration in schools.

  • Tom Raymond

    I’ve a knack for reading and writing. Currently I am working with an online academic writing service, Dissertation Avenue. I’ve a great sense of humour, well it’s not my own words but it is what people around me usually say. However, as far as my experience is concerned, I’ve worked with dozens of online companies serving them with my writing skills and expertise.

  • Kumar Snehansu
  • Sindhu Gandhinathan
  • Jennifer Collins

    #ESL teacher, linguist, copywriter, #edtech and #socialmedia enthusiast; working on English pronunciation app

  • Dr. Sukla Das
  • Hamish Budge

    Education Support Officer

  • Keerti Arora
  • Aalia Hasan

    Aalia Hasan is a web enthusiast and an educationalist. Presently she is contributing articles for www.kuwaittutor.com. She offers consultancy on making the educational process easier and more engaging than ever before. She also has active profiles on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

  • Aarthi Elizabeth
  • Ajay Verma
  • Brian McLane
  • Carla Parker
  • Daniel Lenson
  • David Miller
  • Deborah Mccallum
  • Deep Saklani
  • Dennis Lee
  • Heather Singmaster
  • Ilona Hetsevich
  • Lisa Jain
  • Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D.
  • Jessica Sanders
  • Kamy Anderson
  • Karthees Waran
  • Katie Alice
  • Mads
  • Marcin Gnat
  • Meredith Cicerchia
  • Poonam.V.Sedani


  • Rishiraj
  • Roberta Martino
  • Sandip Kar
  • Sebah Al-Ali
  • Shahina Khan
  • Sharon E. Davison

    Sharon E. Davison

  • Shraddha Tewari
  • Timothy Monreal
  • Yogi Raj
  • Z.E.B (Zoe Balaconis)

    Z.E.B (Zoe Balaconis)

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