Founders' and Investors' Inputs On "Rapid Rise In India EdTech: Current State and Future"

Indian EdTech has seen a rapid rise in terms of number of players, users, and funding. India’s EdTech sector is worth $2.5 Bn now and is expected to grow ~4x by 2025 to over $10Bn.

EdTech users Astronomical rise in traffic

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. In fact, the crisis has been a watershed moment for India’s EdTech sector, which has raised over $1.2B of funding in 2020 till date.

Not just in terms of investments, according to a report by BARC India and Nielsen, there has been a 30% increase in the time spent on education apps since the lockdown commenced. Also, according to a report by Omidyar Network India and RedSeer, India’s EdTech user base has doubled from 45 million to 90 million, with a massive 83% jump in the paid user base.

Indian EdTech Market size

But, is all this just a bubble or here to stay? Will the growth trend continue, and if yes, for how long? Which segments will see lightning growth and what sort of companies will attract investors’ interests?

The recent webinar on “Rapid Rise in Indian EdTech Funding – Bubble or Here to Stay?” answered all the above questions. The webinar was hosted by EdTechReview in association with AWS EdStart, moderated by Utkarsh Lokesh (CEO & Editor, EdTechReview) and joined by experts like Sarvesh Kanodia (Principal Investments, Omidyar Network India), Zishaan Hayath (Founder & CEO, Toppr), Sunil PP (Head for Education & Nonprofit, AISPL, and Dhawal Parate (Co-founder, CodingNinjas).

Rapid rise in Indian EdTech 1

The speakers discussed the current state, challenges, and opportunities in the Indian EdTech industry, covered emerging players and businesses, discussed what’s here to stay, shared insights on the trends, where the Indian EdTech is headed, and much more.

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