Rethinking Higher-Education In The Age Of Digitalization & Disruption With AWS

AWS - Empowering Education

An ideal solution would ensure online, remote, and on-demand learning continuity; a platform capable of efficiently providing engaging educational content in: audio, video, AR, VR and gamified formats. A platform capable of conducting exams online with all required measures in place in addition to offering campus management capabilities with multi-way communication for students-teachers-parents-institution is the need of the hour.

With the pandemic’s uncertainty and increased adoption of online solutions, Amazon Web Services’ state of the art technology and platform prove to be a go-to solution for HEIs for all educational and administrative needs.

The future of learning with AWS:

Online Learning with AWS

  • Develop capability of uninterrupted quality education with the right learning environment. AWS ensures a quick & smooth transition from offline to online with minimal challenges. AWS helps you to plan and deliver lessons and track engagement effectively in real-time for thousands of students It lets you use advanced algorithms, text-to-speech technology and artificial intelligence to provide an ideal teaching-learning environment.
  • AWS offers dynamism and scalability to setup and conduct live interactive online classes for thousands of students in just a matter of days.
  • AWS also offers video encryption technologies to deliver exclusive educational video content.
  • Universities with tech solutions in place were able to make the sudden switch to online learning better than those with no solutions in place at all. Early preparation ensures a disruption-free environment so you can focus on more important things as the need arises. With AWS’ agility and scalability, you'll be prepared to make a swift switch as and when required.
  • Collaboration and communication are key pillars in the smooth and transparent working of an institution. Build a one-stop platform on AWS that brings everyone together by leveraging AWS Cloud’s scalability and anytime-anywhere access capabilities that offer seamless communication and collaboration for all: institutions, teachers, parents.


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The future of examination with AWS:

Online Examination & Proctoring with AWS

  • An examination & assessment solution built on AWS cloud is capable of promising authentic, consistent, and fair online examination and evaluation environments. EdTechs in use by HEIs today that run on AWS ensure detection of any unauthorized web resources or mobile phones for fair assessments.
  • With online education becoming the norm, online tests & invigilation is the new normal. AWS Cloud can offer a platform to build proctoring solution to ensure continuity in education by offering fair and rigorous assessments.
  • With AWS, you can deliver authentic and consistent online assessments that meet institution demands as and when required. AWS offers scaling options that can handle video intensive streaming activities like online invigilation without worrying you about the hardware, infrastructure, network, security, and other associated tech hassles.


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The future of education has technology at its foundation. To be future-ready, it's crucial to have reliable solutions on your side. AWS and its solutions partners offer cloud-based EdTech solutions to fulfil all your teaching, learning, assessment, campus, and staff management needs. They use advanced technologies like AI, AR, & ML that were once used only in enterprises to ensure the latest and most effective solutions for your needs of collaboration, group learning, gamification, online assessment, on-demand teaching-learning, etc, making education more effective than ever before. AWS can help you build and deploy your one-stop solution for all university and college needs. We will discuss AWS’ student services, smart campuses, media services, content delivery, & gamification in our next piece of the series.

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