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The COVID-19 induced shift to digital, puzzled the entire education system. This leap frog in technology left the institutions no time to set things in order or to prepare themselves for this disruption.

The institutions with ICT and technical training departments adapted to the sudden change while the others without the necessary technology support to complete the transition from traditional to remote teaching and learning were left unprepared. They faced problems ranging from providing disruption-free learning, online classes, keeping students engaged, conducting examinations and assessments, safeguarding students’ data, and communicating with parent on a regular basis. The pandemic illustrated the vulnerabilities of the current education delivery systems.

However, it also provided an opportunity for educational institutions to reimagine their delivery models, enabling them to forge new ways forward using the power of technology.

Having better remote-teaching tools is critical where teacher-student face to face interaction is not an option. But, even when things go back to normal, better technology adoption can enhance the delivery of education and what educators and learners can do.

To realise this, several EdTech companies stepped up to provide the necessary technology solutions to institutions and help keep the education delivered uninterrupted while enhancing all teaching-learning experience.

Impartus helped Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani) go digital within two days to teach its 34,000 students online, offering Video-On-Demand (VOD) content securely. Impartus and Next Education are some of the many Edtech’s , that have helped institutions create and deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective educational solutions using Amazon Web Services’ cloud technology.

AWS in Education

Check out Impartus-BITS Pilani case study


One of the biggest challenges for EdTech companies is to handle the scale and meet the requirements of the educational institutions on time. AWS has been facilitating them in addressing this challenge.  AWS Cloud enables EdTechs to accelerate the development of scalable and secure technology solutions that support students and educators.

AWS spoke to several educators and EdTech providers through its “Education Anywhere, Anytime” webinar series to further the transformation of education in an age of digitalisation and disruption. As part of the effort, AWS summarised the trends and highlights in an eBook for EdTechs to help them understand the challenges faced by educational institutions. This e-book also features leading EdTech companies offering innovative teaching-learning, operational, examinations, assessments & management solutions to national and international educational institutions using AR, AI, ML, Voice, Video, etc. technologies. This eBook is a distillation of the 18 conversations AWS has had with educators and EdTech providers.

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Some insights into the ‘Education Anywhere, Anytime’ Webinar Series by AWS

In its “Education Anywhere, Anytime” webinar series - which you can access by downloading this eBook — AWS asked educators and EdTech providers to share their perspectives on how education is changing in their respective areas, the new ideas that they are bringing to the table to meet these changes, and the crucial role that technology and the cloud are playing in that change. Each perspective accounts for of the transformative journey of educators and EdTech providers in making education possible with technology.

The webinar series covers a range of purposeful topics divided into different sections, each of which engages a priority that educational institutions need to address for their day-to-day operations.

Some of the topics include:

  • Getting live online learning up&-running in days
  • Providing disruption-free learning through mixed learning environments
  • Building a one-stop platform that brings everyone together
  • Safeguarding the integrity of online examinations
  • Delivering authentic and consistent online assessments
  • Simplifying school-parent communications with an application-based approach
  • Higher education’s highway to digital transformation

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With dedicated business and technical resources to support rapid and cost-effective growth, AWS has been dedicatedly helping education technology companies realize the full potential of cloud computing in the sector. Some of its benefits for EdTechs include:

  • Scale to meet the demand for learning – With AWS Cloud, EdTechs can scale to meet the cyclical demands of education with confidence.
  • Optimize solution and reduce costs – AWS provides EdTechs with the power to optimize their solutions for cost, security, and improved performance.
  • Protect student data – AWS Cloud enables organizations to scale to meet demands and prioritize security seamlessly
  • Improve student outcomes – By utilizing AI and ML in product development, EdTechs can innovate and build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions to improve educator efficiency, student engagement, and more.

To learn more about how AWS accelerates the transformation of education technology and how education institutions are turning the tide by leveraging AWS driven EdTech solutions. 

download the eBook and watch the webinar series


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