How EdTechs Are Using AWS Cloud To Offer Gamification In Learning With AR And Analytics [eBook and Webinars]

How EdTechs Are Using AWS Cloud To Offer Gamification In Learning With AR And Analytics

Here are a few case studies of institutions using EdTech solutions running on AWS Cloud to be future-ready:

Bringing Social Interaction and Engagement into classrooms with AR, Analytics and Gamification

Analytics and Gamification

Social interaction in the classroom is crucial for learners’ overall development. As per EdTech provider Arludo, many children have these qualities that facilitate social interaction. They enjoy discovering new things, being creative, and social - they love to connect with fellow students. Arludo focuses on innovating gamified learning to bring out the skill of social interaction among students, irrespective of their age and grade. The company has created a library of almost 30 games for mobile devices. Some of these games even use AR and analytics, adding deeper value and engagement to the learning experience. Institutions can integrate these games and analytics into their existing LMS to generate live dashboards to understand students' progress in real-time. Arludo’s multiplayer games pave the way for social connections between students even in environments where internet and hardware access are limited.

Gamification is a crucial element of EdTech that can engage learners quickly and convey complex information in a fun manner. For instance, according to survey findings from the Government of East Java, 60% of children in Indonesia had no idea about the coronavirus. To make children understand and spread the information quickly, they developed a game, passing on the crucial information that engaged them and reached them quickly. EdTech provider Solve education! and the Sampoerna Foundation created and delivered a COVID-19 education package called Game for Charity to the nation's educators and learners through the AWS Cloud. The game fulfilled the aim of educating children about the coronavirus and what they must do to stay safe amid the pandemic.

Digital transformation with an application for school-parent communications

As technology enhances education for students, School-Parent communication must be transformed with new age digital tools to simplify the process. . A reliable digital service can unload the pressure of “keeping the parents in the loop” for any institution. The EdTech provider “School Stream” transformed the way Bathurst South Public School connected with parents.

By switching to a mobile-based application, the school could go paperless to convey information to parents. Regular information like newsletters, permission notes, absenteeism reports, canteen orders, and other such information can be easily shared with parents through the mobile application. The shift also eased children from the responsibility of having to relay information to parents. More importantly, going digital has helped the school to stay responsive during the pandemic. It deployed the communication app to send home-schooling content to children to ensure uninterrupted learning.

It seems EdTech companies with AWS Cloud are making it easier for the institutions in the digital transformation by providing them with the appropriate solutions that meet their academic and institutional goals. AWS further equips companies with capabilities to accelerate scalable and secure products or services that support all the stakeholders.

AWS has developed an eBook for EdTechs, compiling the trends and highlights of the education industry in webinars and case studies to help them understand the challenges educational institutions face in their digital transformation. It also features insight into various companies offering innovative teaching-learning and other solutions focusing on the latest technologies like AR, AI, ML, Voice, Video, and more.

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