Summary [Webinar] Indian EdTech - Open for Vernacular Play?

Summary [Webinar] Indian EdTech - Open for Vernacular Play?

The various approaches one need to have to capture the vernacular education market:

Sharing the importance of looking into individual states and their needs, Mohammed Hisamuddin shares, "You must figure out things that'd work across India and things that'd only work in certain states. For instance, for Entri, we had to focus on specific parts of the country and bring solutions per demand and need."

Saraswathy Ramamoorthy adds to the discussion and shares the journey of Learning Matters on how they have offered solutions to the market demand. She says, "It's been an evolution of solutions. It was a journey of learning to get us there, including understanding the ground reality and what was needed in tiers 2, 3, and forth. We realized that while it was great to train teachers and the whole institutions through pedagogy, training, and other development factors that they didn't know before, the gap would continue to persist without the conversational English element. Working with vide variety of teachers across different states, we also realized the fact that conversational English had to become a part of what we were doing, enabling both students and teachers through a mechanism that worked for them to bring in the voice and conversational practice."

The webinar had discussions around other critical topics like evidence-based learning in the edtech ecosystem, standardized education through edtech solutions, growth opportunities, key challenges & strategies to solve them and the larger problems the vernacular ecosystem needs help with, like sustainability, relevance and engagement.

Learn more about the edtech ecosystem and its vernacular play in this webinar. Watch the webinar recording, access the QnA session and the polls. The webinar is a must-watch for all edtech founders, investors interested in the space and anyone keen to learn more about the vernacular approach to Indian edtech industry.

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