[eBook] 7 Global Trends For EdTechs Including Online and Distance Learning

Online and distance learning demands have skyrocketed as educational institutions explore new teaching-learning methods, keen to extend engagement, personalization, and flexibility to students and teachers.

A 2020 study by the World Economic Forum reveals that online learning helps students retain 25-50% more material and save 40-60% versus traditional classroom teaching. Studies like these imply that online learning is critical for learners and is here to stay. Even though students are returning to classrooms, hybrid models are the future—offering the best of both offline and remote learning.

With virtual learning becoming a staple, more and more EdTechs are using cloud solutions to reach every student and educator. Cloud infrastructure allows companies to deliver teaching-learning solutions globally. However, secure, scalable, and accessible solutions are critical for online learning environments considering the volumes of student and learning data being generated and captured.

Even though EdTechs are free to use many cloud solution providers, AWS Cloud stands out. A majority of EdTechs rely on the giant’s wide array of solution stacks to speedily, securely, and scalably deliver engaging learning experiences, enhance customer relationships, develop forward-thinking data strategies, develop new revenue streams, and do a lot more.

AWS EdStart—the education technology accelerator program by AWS—has published a detailed eBook that focuses on the “7 Trends for EdTechs”. AWS leveraged its network of customers, partners, and members to channel the 2020-2021 EdTech insights into this crisp handbook to help EdTechs better navigate the challenging sector in the years to come.

The insightful eBook offers an in depth focus on a wide range of technologies, solutions, and topics, including Online & Distance Learning, Rapid Innovation, Market Expansion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), Accessibility & Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Fundraising.

Here are some of the case studies from the eBook:

As Italy declared a national quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak, AWS worked with an EdTech company, bSmart Labs, to provide virtual classroom access to students in Italy. bSmart Labs used Amazon Chime SDK, a communications service that allows users to meet, chat, and place calls inside and outside their organization using a single application. Amazon Chime SDK allowed developers to utilize the same communication infrastructure and services that powers Amazon Chime to add features like audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities directly to applications.

“Using the Amazon Chime SDK, and with the commitment and competencies of our fantastic team, we were able to build multi-party video interaction capabilities into our virtual classroom application for Italian schools in under eight days. The feedback from teachers and students using our application has been excellent,”

said Emanuele Putignano, Chief Executive Officer, bSmart Labs.

Class2Class offers customers real-time video communication components and helps students with online learning. Class2Class, an AWS EdStart member, is a collaborative learning platform with a global network that provides HigherEd universities and organizations with an interactive and neutral “third space” to connect, create, and manage project-based courses.

Class2Class developed ImmerseU, a virtual exchange learning platform for students who travel abroad to study. Millions of students enrich their personal development through international student exchange programs, which is a costly exercise for millions. There is a huge need for online learning environments that are student-centered, cost-effective, and offer equitable means of advancing international education.

ImmerseU is ideal for students who wish to have a global learning and development experience without worrying about costs. The platform helps colleges and universities create and enhance collaborations through its online environment, allowing global cooperation across classrooms, nonprofits, governments, and the private sector.

Class2Class used AWS to create a secure and affordable global platform offering students equitable access to cross-cultural exchanges to empower democratized learning. The platform allows instructors to model 21st century skills for collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance, project-based learning, pro-social behavior, grit, interconnected thinking, and intentional community building.

“Through AWS EdStart, we have gained access to cutting-edge cloud tools like reliable and stable data storage, video support, artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and help expanding into China, as well as invaluable training, webinars, and marketing support.”

Matthew Hightower, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Class2Class, Inc.

The eBook curates many more such case studies with insights into problem statements and the available tech solutions to tackle such problems. The eBooks further details the trends, topics, and resources. It specifically focuses on Online & Distance Learning, Rapid Innovation, Market Expansion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), Accessibility & Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), & Fundraising.

Read more on “EdTech Startup Guide on Market Expansion And Fundraising.”

Amazon Web Services needs no introduction, but to familiarize our readers with AWS’s EdTech initiative—AWS EdStart—here is a little something: AWS EdStart is an education-technology focused accelerator by AWS. It is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud.

AWS EdStart has been actively involved in the start-up community, offering its support, tech, and reach through partnership programs like AWS EdStart Member and AWS EdStart Innovator programs. It has been organizing virtual start-up events, hosting EdTech focused webinars, offering a stage to leading EdTechs founders to share their start-up journeys, access to its mentor network, and more.

Click to learn more about AWS EdStart.

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