Looking for Associate Editor Intern

We are looking for 2 (two) fabulous talents to support our editorial staff cover all the awesome edtech happenings around the world. You should be purely passionate and packed with skill to blow our readers’ minds with top quality edtech material. This will be a part-time position for a minimum duration of 3 months but we hope to see at our Delhi office sooner.

Responsibilities for the associate editor include:

  • Source and summarize news stories;
  • Create visual assets to accompany editorial work (photos for articles, Powerpoint slides, infographics, etc.);
  • Publish articles to site;
  • Prepare weekly newsletters;
  • Help research and write original stories and reports;
  • Curate and Cover events;
  • Assist Content Manager.

Experience with PowerPoint/Word/Photoshop/Illustrator and basic HTML is a must.

Must Haves for Everyone at ETR

  • Education Enthusiast. ETR is a community of educators, learners, administrators, entrepreneur, policymaker, and everyone who is involved with education; and we believe that learning, exploring, sharing is the key to successful adoption of technology to support and supplement education and ensure the best out of it. Fact that there is lack of awareness; we hold the key to compensate the lack and facilitate learnings, exploring and sharing of knowledge for the best.

  • Clear communicator and writer. Being a 21st Century education-technology community and media organization, we are trying to lay clean the foundations of EdTech - the complex yet everyday evolving industry; for effective and productive use. If we can’t understand each other, we will not be able to create value for our members.

  • Entrepreneurial. You can’t explain it any other way.  We are a fast growing startup with lot to cover ahead and there is not much we can do about the rate of change. You need to be thinking and acting like a solo operator – “if you don’t fail, you don’t learn”. If you aren’t learning, we are not growing fast enough.
  • A True Team Member. It’s all about individual awesomeness working together and creating a whole different experience. People think we are in 100’s when actually we are only 15. Imagine what when we will be 20…


To apply, email career@edtechreview.in the following:

  • Your resume,
  • A cover letter that explains why you're the best person for the job, and
  • LOR form previous-employer/faculty
  • A link to your online portfolio (if available).

Additional Details:

Job Type: Internship
Minimum Work Commitment: 3 Months
Work Place: Delhi NCR


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