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A. Events

Platform to Discover-Learn-Utilize-Share About 21st Century Education

Through our events, we create a platform for everyone working in the field of learning to connect and collaborate to discover, learn, utilize and share the best strategies for 21st century education and the amazing ways technology can improve and transform the classroom experience, learning, teaching and leading processes.

We bring technology experts and educational leaders together through a series of events such as conferences, hands-on training workshops, and professional development programs to share insights and practices for effective teaching and learning.

We organize events such as webinars, meetups, workshops, roundtables, seminars, and conferences related to different aspects of education technology and 21st century education targeting our various stakeholders. Right from training workshops on how to use a particular technology to seminars on best teaching and pedagogical practices for a 21st century classroom, to events or conferences dedicated to 21st century leadership, 21st century teaching and learning, latest education technology trends and predictions, to exhibitions and forums for entrepreneurs and startups for access to investors and business opportunities.

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B. Training and Professional Development

Learning, Teaching and Leading in the 21st Century

We specialise in providing training and professional development to students, teachers and administrators to make them ready for the citizenship and economic challenges of the 21st century. Our program LTL is a training and professional development program guiding students, teachers and administrators for learning, teaching and leading in the 21st century successfully.

We train students, teachers and administrators to bring 21st century practices of innovative teaching and learning into the classroom to improve and transform the classroom learning experiences. And we do that through Keynote Presentations, Hands-on Workshops, Online Courses, and Live Webinars by world-renowned authorities on learning, teaching, and leading.


C. Consultation

Creating 21st century education systems

We provide consultation to schools and colleges for creating 21st century education systems and for successful edtech adoption and implementation meeting their 21st century needs. We help you:

• Create a vision for 21st Century Education Systems.

• Roadmap your plan for EdTech Adoption & Implementation for creating learning environments

• Identify vendors/teams based on your needs

• Oversee solution deployment

• Guide you in 21st century curriculum and assessment and

• Support it with Continuous Training and PD

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