Survey Finds Fifty Percent of K-12 Teachers Report Inadequate Support When Using Technology in the Classroom

In a survey of more than 600 K-12 teachers across the United States, 50 percent reported inadequate assistance when using technology in the classroom.

Educators cited a lack of support in facing technical issues and questions pertaining to instructional models when implementing new hardware or software. The survey was conducted by digedu™, a fast-growing digital education innovator focused on transitioning schools from textbooks to technology.

The 16-question survey gleaned three other initial findings:

  • 93% report that technology has a positive effect on student engagement
  • 46% report that they lack the training needed to use technology effectively with students
  • 33% report a lack of visibility into whether their students are on task when using technology

The survey was conducted to assess various aspects of teachers’ use of technology in the classroom. The questions focused on three areas:

  • How teachers use technology and if they feel the current usage is effective and meaningful for students
  • Barriers that exist to making technology effective.
  • How much time they spend using technology in the classroom, and if they desire to use it more often.

“The results of this survey indicate that a startling number of teachers frequently use technology without the training and ongoing support they need to deliver rigorous, digitally-enhanced learning experiences,” said Matt Tullman, digedu co-founder and president.

He further added, “It is critical that we quickly remove barriers to meaningful use of technology in schools so that students are equipped with the digital fluency necessary to succeed in our global economy.”

Digedu addresses the challenges often associated with classroom technology with its all-in-one learning ecosystem that combines software, hardware, bandwidth and support services to ensure teachers can effortlessly use technology to enrich student learning. Find full report here.

digedu survey k12 teachers in the usa

The story is from the Digedu website.

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