Presently there are lot more technological goods available to entertain people; especially students are spending good fare on latest technologies. They are not just enjoying it, but also smart enough to utilize the advanced technology to the best of its features. For such smart workers, Smartphone is really be a boon, they love to own and experience its great features. The word “Smart” itself is enough to make Smartphone different and special from other phones.
•    It holds more memory than any other regular phones.
•    It runs many more applications.
•    It is portable to carry anywhere.
•    It can access Internet with speed.

And many more features are attracting students to give a big place to smartphone in their daily life. Recent Survey (originally appeared here ) has given lot of statistics related to smartphones.
Some facts are listed below.
•    53 % of students own a Smartphone.
•    47 % of students own a feature phone.
•    iPhone is the most popular type of smart phone used by students.

Students & News:
•    65% of Students read articles on mobile news, websites or apps.
•    53% of students skim news content from multiple sources.
•    52% students use multi-source news aggregator sites.
•    49% use their phone to search for news.
•    27% receive news alerts.

Types of News Students seek:
•    Breaking News : 84 %
•    Weather : 83 %
•    National News : 76%
•    Local News : 65%
•    International News : 64%
•    Business or Tech News : 45%
•    Sports News : 44%

Let’s see the 12 most popular ways college students use Smartphone .
1.    SMS
2.    Mailing
3.    Calling
4.    Navigation
5.    GPS
6.    Weather forecast
7.    News
8.    Social Networking
9.    Music
10.  Live T.V.
11.  Games
12. Skype

Orignally the infographic appeared here .

The % of students using the above features are listed below:

smartphone usage

Smartphone use throughout the day:
People use Smartphone throughout the day in several times like
1.    At Home
2.    At Work/College
3.    While Travelling
4.    Else where
Let’s go some deeper into the above aspects.

At Home:
77% use it when they first wake up in the morning. 72% use it before they go to sleep. 47% use it in the bathroom.
Multitasking: 82% use it while watching TV & 85% use it with music.

At Work/College:
92% use it during idle time at work or school & 82% use it for school related tasks.

While Travelling:
93% students use their smartphones while riding in bus, train or car & 39% use it while exercising.

85% use it while waiting in line (like at a grocery store, coffee shop)
Multitasking: 83% use it while walking & 75% use it while in shopping.

I hope the above statistics will give you a clear vision about usage of smartphones.How do you use your smartphone?

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