[Infographic] EdTech Adoption Rate in K-12 Teaching

[Infographic] EdTech Adoption Rate in K-12 Teaching

Technology has become an essential part of education today. Educational institutions are trying so many technological practices in order to improve the performance rate. Due to tough competition among institutions, they are willing to implement all sorts

of educational technologies in their classroom. Since last year, there is a rapid change in adoption rates of new styles of K-12 Teaching.

Migration to new styles of teaching and the digital classroom is speeding up at the K-12 level, but could be held back by the lack of a capable network infrastructure. Enterasys Networks conducted a survey to better understand how rapidly K-12 schools are adopting digital textbooks, video content, the flipped classroom, online assessment, social media, and customizing student access to the Internet.

Many organizations were interviewed on several topics related to educational technology. Let me list down the questions and responses.

Do You Use Digital Text Books At Your School?

On asking this question, they came to know that 21% have already started using Digital Text books and more than 37% say they plan to move to Only Digital Textbooks within the near future.

When asked their ability of implementing digital text books technology in classroom with their current network infrastructure, they came to know that 26.3% can easily be able to implement this technology

How Well Does Your Network Infrastructure Handle Video Content In The Classroom?

For this question, it has been noted that 50% are having adequate resources to implement video content in classroom soon.

Do You Currently Monitor Student Network And Internet Access?

84% are able to monitor online activities, survey says. But with their current network infra-structure, only 57% can customize each student’s network access based on factors (e.g. Grade level)

Who Uses Online Assessment?

For this survey, it has been noted that more than 75% schools are currently using online assessment and more than 15% are trying to implement this technology soon.

46% schools plan to exclusively use online assessment for testing within 5 years.

And the most interesting fact is 85% schools can easily move to online assessments.

When asked about Flipped Classroom, 43% are willing to adopt this awesome technology which will surely improve their learning outcome. In the next 5 years, 13% respondents plan to Completely Adopt the flipped classroom model.

And when asked their ability to implement Flipped Classroom model with current network infra-structure, it has revealed that 13% can easily implement and 34% are possibly capable of implementing this technology.

When Will Social Media Be Used In Classroom For Teaching Purposes?

For this question, 33% respondents said that they have already been using social media in teaching, and 18% will be added into this category in a year.

Which Social Media Platforms Are You Planning To Use In Your School?

32% voted for Goggle+, 30% for Facebook, 26% for Twitter, 20% for Pinterest, 9% for Gaggle, 4% for Edmodo, 2% for Schoology, and 2% for Stumbleupon.

The pictorial representation of the survey is given below in form of an infographic.


Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching

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