72% Students Feel Tech-Based Subjects Should Be Included In The School Curriculum

72% Students Feel Tech-Based Subjects Should Be Included In The School Curriculum

72% Students Feel Tech-Based Subjects Such As Product Engineering, Data Analytics Should Be Included In School Curriculum

As India recently celebrated its National Technology Day on May 11th, one of the world’s largest online learning platform, Brainly, polled over 1,500 Indian students. The platform asked them about their opinions, preferences, and proclivities when it comes to technology.

Here are some of the interesting takeaways from the online survey:

  1. Students Ready to Embrace Technology

    An overwhelming majority of students (72%) said that tech-based subjects such as product engineering, data analytics, and coding should be a part of the school curriculum. Another 47% of students decisively said that studying technologies has become critical irrespective of anyone’s stream.
  2. Taking it Beyond School

    52% of Indian students were interested in building a career in technology. Only 30% of the survey respondents preferred other streams. 59% of the students further revealed that they were interested in learning to code, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and other technical concepts.
  3. Leaving No Stone Unturned in Upskilling

    Even as lockdown continues to grip the nation, Indian students are not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to learning. More than half of the students (54%) said that they had enrolled themselves in tech-related courses during the lockdown.
  4. The Age of the Internet

    Another interesting finding of the survey was that the internet is becoming the true enabler for the country, especially when it comes to studying technical topics. About 41% of students felt that online platforms helped them the most in this context. Some of their preferred choices included YouTube channels, EdTech apps, and blogs. 20% of them went with offline classes, 15% took the help of their parents, and 8% of them relied on their friends and peers.

“Technology can be learned the best if it is taught with real-world examples in a fun-learning manner. It’s good to see that so many students in India have developed a keen interest in learning technological concepts. Students are heading towards a digital future and must be provided with a favourable environment to explore technology. Hence, it is important to encourage them to follow a skill-oriented learning approach.” said Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer, Brainly.


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