[Infographic] Kids & The Mobile Technology
A question for the students who were born in the 1990s: What was your age when you started using a mobile phone?  I guess 70% of the students’ answers are above 10 years. Recently, we are all using mobile devices not only for communication and entertainment
  but also for learning.

The interesting thing about 21st Century’s technology is that it is attracting kids too. Everyday Family has published an infographic on this concept. Let’s have a quick view of it.

54% of 21st Century Kids start using Mobile Devices when they are 5-8 years old.

30% of the apps on parents’ mobile are downloaded specially for their children’s usage.

77% of the parents accept that usage of tablet increases children’s learning & creativity.

72% of iTunes top selling apps are designed for pre-schoolers and elementary students.

Let’s see the infographic for a detailed view which shows the data and stats on how young kids start using mobile devices, what their parents think about it and what are these mobile apps good for.

Infographic - Kids and Mobile Technology

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Author: Santosh Bhaskar KWebsite: http://www.twitter.com/SantoshBhaskarK
Devotee of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Following his path of Creating Creative Education in India. Contributing my works in "India Vision 2020". Former EdTech Blogger/Researcher at ETR India

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