[Infographic] Teachers’ Attitude Towards Technology

[Infographic] Teachers’ Attitude Towards Technology
As all our old traditional approaches for education are being enhanced by latest educational technologies, students as well as educators treat technology as a boon to education. Technology enhances students’ learning and provides teachers
with time to work on what really matters.  There is no doubt that students love to use technology in their classroom, but what really matters is the view of technology from the teachers’ perspective.

A report has been made by a Washington based Pew research center by analyzing the opinions of nearly 2,500 middle and high school teachers on the topic “How Teachers are using Technology at Home and in their Classrooms". Many educators who are involved in this survey have a clear view about a fact that the Internet has had a major impact on education. Let’s know some more facts about the survey.

Survey says:
Educators in US tend to be more advanced technology users than the general adult population.

58% of teachers have Smartphones, 93% of teachers have laptops, 47% of teachers have e-book readers and 39% of teachers have tablet computers.

Educators are active in social networks as well:

78% of teachers are on Facebook or LinkedIn and 26% of teachers are on Twitter.

On a lighter note, “42% of teachers have accepted that their students usually know more than they do about digital technologies” and just 18% say that they know more than their students do. The below infographic provides you with detailed information. 

 infographic teachers attitude towards technology1


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