[Infographic] 5 Big Questions of Early Childhood Technology Use

[Infographic] 5 Big Questions of Early Childhood Technology Use
Early Childhood Technology Today Survey Series was launched by ECEtech.net to collect the information about how technology is used in early childhood classrooms. Recently, they have presented information about their initial survey results in
the form of an infographic.

Over 500 teachers and administrators took part in the initial survey and were asked 5 questions (Who? What? When? Why? & How?) each regarding early childhood technology use.

For the question “What type of interactive tech do teachers use?”, the results are as follows.

93% use Laptops/Desktops, 55% use Interactive Whiteboards, 34% use Tablets/iPads, 34% use handheld devices and 5% use multi touch tables/surfaces.

How often children use technology in the classroom?

For this question, more than 50% teachers as well as administrators said children use technology 5 days a week in their classroom and less than 10% of them said children use technology less than once a week.

How child uses technology in the classroom?

35%- a balance of half teacher directed and half child initiated learning activities.

28%- mostly child initiated and partly teacher directed.

23%-mostly teacher directed and some child initiated.

Why should technology be used in the classroom?

80% of teachers and 69% of administrators said, “The children enjoy it”.

54% of teachers and 48% of administrators said, “Technology helps children meet the goals of the program”.

60% of teachers and 54% of administrators said,”To support dual language learners”.

65% of teachers and 69% of administrators said, “To support children who have special needs”

And less than 10% of them said that they used technology only for teacher-controlled activities.

When teachers and administrators were asked why they were not using the technology, the answers were as follows.

61% teachers and 56% administrators said they were having insufficient budget to purchase technologies.

More than 18% teachers as well as administrators answered, “Our program philosophy prohibits use of technology with children”

15% of them answered, “The parents don’t want us to use technology”

5% of them said, “I do not see any value added by technology”.

The edtech infographic below gives you the pictorial representation.

the early childhood technology today survey series

This infographic is originally appeared here .

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