[Infographic] What Teachers and Parents Feel About Technology in the Classroom

[Infographic] What Teachers and Parents Feel About Technology in the Classroom
Gone are those days when students were confined to their seats, listened to long lectures, and carried the load of  textbooks. Nowadays, technology attracts students and engages them with its many technological approaches.

It not only helps them learn

things easily but also increase their creativity as well as technical skills. As a coin has opposite sides, technology also has both negative as well as positive impacts. This edtech infographic shows how teachers and parents feel about technology in the classroom. Let’s learn about it briefly.

Parent’s view on Classroom Technology:

87% of parents say that effective implementation of technology is important for their child’s success and 50% label it as extremely important.

64% of parents were happy about their child’s school, that it was doing a good job of using technology to enhance student achievement.

Teachers’ views on the usage of Internet:

Most of the educators say that the Internet has a major impact on education. Let’s see how they use it.

92% of teachers access content, resources and other materials.

69% share ideas with other teachers.

67% interact with parents and 57% interact with students.

Consequences of device-oriented Learning:

76% of teachers say, “Search engines have conditioned students to expect to be able to find information quickly and easily”.

More than 50% of parents support the fact that technology has increased students’ engagement, provided personalized learning and improved home to school communication.

71% of teachers agreed that today’s digital technologies discourage students from finding and using a wide range of resources for their research.

The infographic below gives a pictorial representation of all the stats. 

classroom-technology-turing-our-kids-into-geeks infographic

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Author: Santosh Bhaskar KWebsite: http://www.twitter.com/SantoshBhaskarK
Devotee of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Following his path of Creating Creative Education in India. Contributing my works in "India Vision 2020". Former EdTech Blogger/Researcher at ETR India

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