[Infographic] How Do Faculties Use Social Media
21st century educators have recognized the importance of collaboration as it plays a significant role to exchange information and generate innovative ideas. Social networking is a key to effective collaboration as it enables users from around the world to
communicate with each other instantly.

Many professors consider social networking sites as great tools to communicate with their students, colleagues and other educators. This infographic explains how faculty use social media and what are their remaining concerns regarding it. The following are a few points I’ve extracted from the infographic.

Social Media usage by disciplines:

Humanities and Arts: 39.7%  

Professional and Applied Sciences: 37.3%

Social Science: 36.8%

Mathematics and Computer Sciences: 26.7%

Natural Sciences: 24.3%

Faculty use different social media sites to meet different needs. Most of the educators prefer LinkedIn for professional usage and Facebook for personal usage.

Educators use social media to provide students with additional sources, engage them with content and encourage them to create content.

The below infographic provides you with a detailed pictorial representation of professors and their social media usage.


The infographic originally appeared here.

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