[Infographic] The Minds Behind The MOOCs

The Minds behind The MOOCs etr

MOOCs- Massive Open Online Courses, are now trending across the globe. Academic heavyweights like Harvard, Stanford and MIT back the courses, giving the world of online learning a much-needed boost of credibility.

Coursera and Udacity, founded by Stanford Professors, are now leading MOOC resource providers. Let me share a few important things regarding the infographic “The Minds behind the MOOCs”.

The year 2012 was dubbed as, "Year of the MOOCs"

Coursera drew a million users after just 4 months of launching. It took Twitter 2 Years to reach a million users.

Now, Coursera boasts 62 University partners, 33 Million students and 196 Countries.

The Passionate Professors:

MOOCs started with the professors.

71.8% taught a MOOC to make higher education more accessible.

65% are tenured.

The majority have 10 years of experience or more.

73.3% of professors own their MOOC content.

Professors require 100 hours of time to prepare a MOOC and they use to spend 8 hours per week while in session.

3 out of 4 professors were inspired to change the way they taught in the traditional classroom after teaching a MOOC.

Have a look at this infographic:

The Minds behind The MOOCs

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