What is a-MOOC?

a-MOOC or Adaptive MOOC is one of the latest edtech term, which is a combination of Adaptive Learning and MOOC.

Adaptive MOOC:

It is a combination of MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses with an Adaptive Learning delivery platform where the delivery is

 done based on the individual learning preferences and providing them continuous intelligent tutoring with auto graded content, examination and assessment.
In other words, it is a highly specialized course presented in an individualized way and that knowledge is available in the way convenient to students' way of learning i.e. massive open online course.


According to Dr. Sonwalkar, if we take the best content with the best teacher and faculty and provide that course in adaptive learning way where every student gets their own mass customization of the content, so that they are presented with the difficult concepts in an easy way and also that they learn with different learning strategies like apprentice, incidental, inductive , deductive and discovery.

According to Cognitive Psychology, everyone learns differently but what is being done through MOOCs is one-size-fits-all, which is one of the reason for high rate of attrition for MOOCs.

Here's where the concept of a-MOOCs come into play.

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