Who is a Learning Consultant?

The term consultant being defined as a person who provides expert advice professionally makes the learning consultant focused on the learning aspect in the sector of education.

However, the role a learning consultant plays is significant for the nature of education has evolved and a great shift has been made making it dynamic in nature.  The 21st century learning needs make it important for education organizations to have a learning consultant on board so that the vivid needs of the learners can be met by educators. Also, as edtech sectors is blooming it has become important for these companies to make sure that they have learning consultants as they need someone who can train their clients as well as help people explore and learn what they are offering!

Getting into an organization, the mission of a learning consultant is to work collaboratively with educators, harness technology that enhances learning both inside and outside the classroom deepening the connections between students and educators to empower greater success.

With digitization of education the traditional approach to education has not extinct. Educators across the globe favor an environment that makes the best use of technology, keeping the human touch intact in their practices. And so the role of a learning consultant moves beyond getting the best updates in using the technology in education.

Pointers below highlight some of the characteristics/roles that a learning consultant must possess in order to have a better functioning organization in thy presence.

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- A learning consultant must provide engaging learning experience by empowering teachers and their students. These consultants in the organization are expected to foster such pedagogies that incorporate such technologies that enable educators in involving pupils in the classroom and bring the best out of them.   

- It’s essential that learning consultants help in accelerating learning that unlocks the full potential of every learner. To help in this scenario they have to research and come out with dynamic and adaptive learning management systems to improve success rates.

- Because learning consultants are working aligned to the needs of educators, students and administration, it is under the eye of a learning consultant to make sure that the technologies that are being encouraged and advice to the management help the administration in reducing cost and improves efficiency.

- As mentioned above, educators across the globe are willing to incorporate the use of technology but aren’t open to let go of the human essence that the traditional approach brings, which indeed is a necessity to keep the essence of education intact. therefore, learning consultants have to craft innovative digital learning and blended learning solutions that caters to the needs of the educators and the students making the education efficient and effective without compromising on the

- The learning consultants are required to review needs of the educators and students, develop designs to fulfill those need and make sure that they are being implemented across the organization.

- Some other functions that are being done by a learning consultant include staff adoption by staff training and development, designing curriculum and module, looking that the best is being practiced. They also look after the parameters of student engagement by reviewing learning styles, design curriculum using best practice, make it visual and engaging.

- Last but not the least what matters the most is their ongoing support in the evolution of the organization as whole and individuals be it the staff or the students. They are the ones taking care of the complete fraternity in the organizations and makes sure that the things work in the best of order.  

Now coming to the importance of having learning consultants in corporate is what amazes me the most. When technology has integrated in almost all our functions it has become important for industries to train their workforce as well as clients and stay updated with the latest technologies in use or the technologies that they are selling. And so they have learning consultants. Speaking of the edtech industry it is essential that they have learning consultant so that the entire workforce is aware of what they are dealing in, what they offer, how it helps people and be completely aware of their product/service.

Role of Learning Consultants in industry extends to the following points:

- To capitalize clients it is essential that the product/service that you are offering is in sync of the teaching and learning mission of the institution. Needless to say, each institution will have different ideologies and you have one product to offer with multiple features. So, being a learning consultant, it is their job to identify, understand and analyses the needs of the institution in talk and see how your product can benefit them.

- Learning Consultants will consult with faculty to effectively implement the use of technology tools and troubleshoot any issues they can encounter. It is important to ensure that the teaching staff is working efficiently and recommend certain changes if required that could strengthen their teaching skills

- Additionally, they must help to develop and deliver workshops, training materials, and other sessions in a myriad of formats to communicate best practices, incorporate instructional design methodology, and inform faculty of the IT resources available to them.

- Learning Consultants may also be asked to work with vendors to suggest enhancements to their products and services.

Watch this quick clip below to get quick insights on the importance of a having a Learning Consultant:

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