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The Digital India initiative by Government of India has three key pillars - creation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally and digital literacy.

We need to make citizens of India, especially students (kids and teens) capable of utilizing the power of Internet for learning; help them understand internet safety to protect themselves from its harmful effects, and grow into mature and ethical digital citizens.

Curriculum Framework For Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity

The Digital Citizenship Primer EVERY Student Needs
  • Introduction to Web 2.0
  • Digital literacy and online content sharing
  • The mature way of Social Networking
  • Basics of Professional Networking
  • Online Forums & Communities (online group discussions)
  • Smart Blogging
  • Smart Searching
  • Online educational resources
  • Cyber Safety (Theory and case-studies)
  • Cyber Ethics (Theory and case-studies)
  • Cyber laws
  • Online reputation
  • Avoiding Internet Addiction
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Who is it For

Addressing the 21st century skill of digital citizenship is important; to help students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly. Schools and colleges are embracing technologies in the classroom; so when students are so close to the tech, they must know or examine the impact of their online activity.
  • K-12

    Learn why should schools consider it important?

  • Higher Ed

    Learn why is it important for Colleges and Universities?

What People are Saying

  • Raghu Pandey’s
book Become an iMature Student is the digital citizenship primer every student
needs. It came to me at just the right time as I plan technology lessons for
the beginning of the school year. The book is easy to read. The book follows
Arjun on his quest to become an iMature student and earn the top award at his
school. Each chapter ends with a bullet point review and points to think about.
I highly recommend this book for Technology Directors, Technology Specialists
and Teachers as a quick reference guide to what students need to know to be
successful on the internet.
  • Thank you very much for accepting my request and visiting TBS. To leave a positive impact in our community regarding internet usage, we need your support. As I discussed with you that I have gone through all presentations uploaded by you on Internet, and I have already shown bits of this ppt to my students. I am reading your book and liking it as it is written in simple language with anecdotes. I have highlighted few points in the book which we would definitely like to share with our student body.
  • Your book looks and sounds great and I'd be happy to recommend it to parents at our event (Tech Savvy Parenting workshop)

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