Improving Educational Technology Helps Students Learn Faster and Better

Improving Educational Technology Helps Students Learn Faster and Better

The use of interactive educational innovative technologies and aids are indeed foregone conclusions in the realms of present day educational settings and most students have mobile phones, PDAs or laptops, or gain access to them through sharing programs.

Indeed, educational technological inputs have changed the face and contours of modern 21st Century teaching and learning and improved and modernized it from dreary, monologue lecture sessions to exciting, interactive and compelling education enhanced by the use of modern learning aids. Indeed modern day state-of-the-science and art of education does help students learn faster, better and more effectively though learning aids.

  1. Interactive reading websites: These, like, PBSKids between the Lions and other online reading materials allow kids access to several exciting and mindboggling tools, games, visuals and stories that could be played at home to enhance and speed up reading skills. Stories could be read aloud by students to develop better and faster reading skills as the text and visuals move fast across the screens for easy follow up
  2. With regard to printing out of online resources: This site the Family Education website facilitates online tools that offer students to read all kinds of reading resources, including activity booklets, alphabet crafts, how to improve one’s handwriting  and matching of letters. By simply following the printing instructions, it is possible for students to greatly enhance reading, writing and spelling skills
  3. Hand-held educational games: This site, Leapfrog interactive games creates and offers educational toys that could build reading skills for children between 3 months to 10 years of age, and reading/learning experience is rendered all the more exciting and fun loving through various enjoyable games like Text and Learn, Scribble, Write a Phonics, Magnetic Alphabet Set and so on. The idea is that educating and learning should be a fun process and voluntary for students and should not tax them in any manner, lest they do not learn to enjoy learning. These devices have been scientifically designed keeping the end goals of studying and enjoying in mind and is tune for the children of today
  4. Listening to e-audio books: Students could listen to books and read them, silently or aloud. These genres of audio books are powerful tools in the hands of potential students that help them to create visual imagery and develops work skills as they are spoken, and indeed focus on structuring of sentences, spellings and pronunciations of words and phrases. Another major advantage of these genres of audio e-books is that students are induced to listen to the books which are far beyond their reading levels and this helps gain better standards and develops reading abilities beyond their usual grades.

Indeed one of the major areas in which technology is fast evolving and rapidly innovating is in the domain of education, especially primary education. Education has now ceases to be a drab and monotonous affair with students having no choice but to rote from memory all that is taught but on the contrary, has become an exciting, enjoyable and fun loving experience, both for educators and the educated. 

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