Interactive Learning with Google Oppia

Interactive Learning with Google Oppia

Technology indeed has been playing a crucial role in improving the quality of education all across the world. With the advancement in the technology and the availability of many advanced tools for better tutoring and learning, teachers can now teach courses easily and students can learn with fun.

Oppia is one such tool that has been introduced by Google for better learning, interaction and knowledge sharing. Let’s explore more about it.

An Introduction

Google Oppia is an interactive online tool which is designed to assist teachers and students in sharing their ideas and views. The makers of Oppia believe that doing interactive activity is the best means to learn rather than watching videos and reading text online. Interactive activities like dragging and dropping of objects, presentations and mapping engage students deeply, hence helps in better learning.

Google Oppia aims at facilitating one-to-one interaction between teachers and their students. Now, they both can easily communicate with each other and perform a number of activities over Oppia. This learning tool offers personalized and unique experience for every user by customizing each lesson.

Example- In a class room, if a teacher is using Oppia to record his interaction with his students while clearing their doubts and then sharing the recoded interaction to the wide network of students facing the similar doubt at Oppia then she is actually helping students across the globe with the same doubt without duplicating the efforts.

How to Use Oppia for Best Result?

"Exploration" is the main unit of Google Oppia. Explorations are multi-phase interactive that helps readers to occupy in learning discussions; it also provides feedback of such conversations. Users can either logged-in or can use browsers to look for explorations shared publicly. However, in order to create, edit and share exploration, user must have an account using his or her real name. Google Oppia stores submitted explorations anonymously for better user’s experience. Such anonymously explorations can only be visible to the editors or creators, so that it can be improved.

Community Guidelines

  1. Ownership of explorations is subjected to lifecycle of exploration.
  2. Cloning of exploration publicly has been discouraged on Oppia; however, you can do it privately. Rather than cloning, it is best to post feedback and give your suggestion.
  3. Exploration should have educational importance and must not a spam, advertise or abuse.
  4. Antisocial behavior like creating multiple accounts with fake username to tick users may leads to suspension of account.
  5. You can use Oppia discussion forum in order to get more clarifications on argumentative topics.

Google Oppia is entirely run by site admins and moderators. They are solely responsible for managing and moderating the site for better user experience.

Unique Features of Oppia

You cannot use Oppia perfectly without knowing its great features. So take a look on the list of some of the features of Oppia.

  • Users will receive the personalized feedback after submitting their answers.
  • At Oppia, learner will be linked to the parameters that enhance their interactive experience as well as knowledge base.
  • A comprehensive online GUI editor has been also added in the Oppia.
  • Users can insert any webpage with their explorations.
  • Oppia also offers approachable UI for mobile devices.
  • Online analytics dashboard is given to assist users to them in easy explorations.
  • Users can edit and create explorations using version control.

People behind Oppia

Oppia is a result of many intellectual brains. The makers of Oppia have also credited few peoples who have given their important feedbacks and suggestions to improve the tool. Here is the list of the individuals that are credited for this amazing tool:

Last Word

Google Oppia is an amazing example of education combining with technology. It is an innovative effort by Google to enhance the quality of education among its users. With the launch of this tool, educators can help their students to understand a subject or a topic perfectly. So, what are you waiting for, try Oppia today and help your students in improving their skills.


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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