Top 10 Websites for Teaching Grammar To Your Students

Top 10 Websites for Teaching Your Students Grammar

English grammar is a topic that actually frustrates a number of people. Irrespective of learning levels or nationalities, spellings and grammar errors seem to confuse a lot of individuals.

And in case of someone having a learning disability such as dyslexia, use of grammar looks like a terrible task.

Using grammar correctly is challenging not only for those who learn English as a second language but also for those who are native English speakers.

The question is how one can improve or nourish their English grammar skill? With the advancement in technology, there are a number of tools that might help people struggling to learn grammar. You can find a number of tools, apps and websites available over the web that help in learning and improving grammar from scratch highlighting the rules and exceptions of the language. Here is a list of ten great websites for teaching or learning English grammar.

Beginners Level

Grammar Gold: This website offers a number of exercises in order to learn grammar from the scratch. The website also supports audio for the text written over the site. The entire learning activity is divided grades.

Grammar Practice Park: This website helps you to nourish your grammar skill with fun. Here you explore park and play the games to practice your grammar skills. You can click on the each game to have fun and practice.

Bitesize: Bitesize KS1 is an initiative from BBC to help beginners to learn grammar with fun. Children can learn grammar by doing various funny activities and learn more about literacy. Apart from grammar section, children can also find Maths and Science section for practice.

Grammar Man Comic: Grammar Man Comic is the best way to learn grammar at beginner level with lots of fun. The presentation of the website is in the comic form that makes you feel that you are reading a comic while practicing for the grammar.

Intermediate Level

The English Club: This website will guide you from the basic giving introduction about what grammar is. Here grammar lessons are in the form of quizzes to check the learner’s understanding about the lesson. Learners can initially read the lesson and then can take quiz to test their understanding about a particular lesson.

The Grammarly Handbook: Grammarly handbook is another website that helps students various topics of grammar. The website is easy to navigate and every part of starts with example before giving comprehensive explanation of the lessons. However, the language of the website is bit advanced that makes little difficult to understand the lesson.

Study and Exam: Study and Exam is a website that is good for beginner as well as for intermediates level individuals. Here you can get detailed explanation of the part of speech as well as other components of grammar. This website is best site for the students looking for

Grammar Bytes: The content of the website is very good and flow and use of language is good; everyone can understand easily. Because of the easy language everyone can understand the lesson easily. Here you can find out various exercises as well as interactive quizzes. The short, clear and informative explanation will help learners to understand things better. The website also offers multimedia explanation that includes You Tube Videos.

Advanced Level

Brainpop: Brainpop offers amazing and great content for the students wanted to learn advanced level of grammar. The website is founded in 1999 and has very engaging contents that help students to learn and educators to teach their students.

Road to Grammar: Road to Grammar is also among the best website where people can learn advanced level of grammar. You can find many amazing and interactive quizzes as well as lesson that deficiently help you to nourish your grammar skills.

During my curation, I felt that these additional resources might also help you:

Learning grammar is not a big deal; it just needs constant practice and dedication. Please provide your feedback in the comment box whether these resources are useful or not for you.

Happy Learning!


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