Be As Great Online As You Are in Class with Smart Sparrow

Be as Great Online as you are in Class with Smart Sparrow

So you’re a great teacher, you love what you do. You always pride at yourself at giving each student personalized attention and detailed feedback. You believe the best way to learn is by making your classes interactive and full of authentic problems with real-world examples.

But when it comes to online, let’s face it; you’re not such a great teacher. Your LMS limits you and you can’t engage your students, sure it’s easy to post text and upload videos but that’s not learning by doing.

For assessments, you use multiple choice quizzes but you’re not happy about it. You know that selecting the right answers is not like coming up with the solution yourself, and then to make things worse there’s no real way to understand how your students learn, and whether you are being effective. The truth is, teaching online leaves you completely disconnected; you want to teach smarter. Well with Smart Sparrow, now you can!

What is Smart Sparrow?

Smart Sparrow is an adaptive e-learning platform that let you teach with rich interactive, adaptive and learning experiences. It has all tools that you need to create, deployed, analyze and share intelligent courseware.

Designed to Empower Teachers

Smart Sparrow empowers educators in three different ways:

    •    Empowers teachers to deliver and develop the content for students
    •    Enables them to reflect effectiveness on their content
    •    Further enables them to adapt content that caters the specific needs of students
    • Using Smart Sparrow, educators would be able to develop interactive and adaptive courseware.

How Does It Work?

It starts with a simple authoring tool that lets you add text, images, videos and input widgets into your lesson. But here’s where it’s different, Smart Sparrow includes an adaptivity author which allows you to set the rules for how your content will adapt to each student. You can define adaptive feedback that is tailored to specific misconception and create adaptive pathways to optimize how your students flow through the lesson. There are plenty of wizards and templates to work with and adaptivity can be a sophisticated as you are now. If you want to take it to the next level consider this:

  • To do learning by doing online, you need simulations and for that you want to work with developers.
  • Smart Sparrow optimizes the workflow between you and the developer, letting them code the sim while you stay in control of the teaching and image the possibilities that open up when you teach with simulations; you can simulate anything, a deadly virus, the stock market, a medical emergency or even a black hole.
  • To understand your students you must understand their learning process. Smart Sparrow analytics allows you to see the specific concepts your students have mastered as well as their misconceptions. It even highlights areas in your lessons that need improvement.
  • You can even share your genius with your colleagues whether they are across the hall or on the other side of the world. What this really means is that even if you teach online you can connect with your students and given them a great educations experience.
  • Smart Sparrow empowers teachers with technology and helps them to teach smarter.

What Educators Have to Say About Smart Sparrow?

Professor Catriona McLean from Chair of Pathology, Monash University says,"We were able to achieve great results using the Smart Sparrow Platform with our in-house technical people. It will have wide application across Medicine at Monash University with capacity to expand to other universities."

In the words of Professor Ariel Anbar from Arizona State University, "Smart Sparrow's technology and passion made this course possible. They go beyond the call of duty to come up with amazing concepts and code that let us bring our ideas to life."

Not just this, there are a number of Universities that strongly recommends Smart Sparrow, they are Arizona State University, UNSW Australia, University of Western Australia, University of Tasmania, University of Melbourne and many others.

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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