Great Math Apps and Extensions for Your Chromebook

Math Apps and Extensions for Your Chromebook

The web is an indisputable source of information for every teacher and student. But since there are a lot of websites and endless sources for news as well as viral videos, it is very much easy for a student to get distracted while looking for information for their project, assignments, research, homework or on a particular topic.

It becomes tougher to search and learn about a subject/topic from great reliable resources. In this bombardment, one good resource for learning Math is Google Chrome. Google’s Chrome browser offers many effective web apps and extensions to assist students to create a focused and productive way in their study.

Here is the list some of the most helpful Maths apps and extensions for your Chromebook.


GeoGebra is free vibrant mathematics app for all levels of students. It brings spreadsheets, geometry, graphing, calculus, algebra and statistics all together. You can share the resources, interactive learning, and created resources on GeoGebra with any one over the Internet. Here what you can get from this app:

  •    Free app for evaluation learning and teaching
  •    User-friendly interface and highly interactive
  •    GeoGebra available in many languages
  •    Flexible to any curriculum or project

Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, learners can watch, practice Maths easily. Here, you can learn not just Maths but almost anything for free. Students can make use of our extensive video library, practice exercises and calculations using computer while accessing to the Internet. Teachers and parents have unparalleled visibility in what their students or kids are learning at Khan Academy.


Mathground is a website. It is like math library that has everything required to learn Maths. From beginners to university students, each and every one can find useful math videos, articles and other educational stuff. The site has funny side of the algebra that helps kids in learning it.

Mathground main objective is to make math a pleasurable experience for everyone. That's why it includes math games. Math games includes preschool education, children can practice; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

There are several Maths quizzes also available here for helping students to test their knowledge of mathematics. There is no boring math lesson here, everything is funny and interactive.


Wolfram|Alpha definitive destination to get computable knowledge in all domains that includes Maths, finance, food, medicine, spacecraft, stocks, weather and wordplay. Whatever you wish to evaluate, at Wolfram|Alpha, you will get faster calculation with the Google Chrome Extension.


LearnBasket offers mathematics videos on a number of topics. Learners would be able to look through in a lot of sections, watch videos on a number of topics and concepts on topics like algebra, trigonometry, etc. The LearnBasket admin will be add new subjects like very science soon. Install this app today for time saving process to learn Maths quickly and easily.


CK-12 is an app to aid teachers, students, as well as parents to enhance K-12 learning worldwide. Here at CK-12, one can learn in their own pace and style. With lots of images, videos, and interactive objects, it’s fun learning here. Presently and constantly growing units comprise:

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Life Sciences

Maths: Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Measurement, Probability, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry

Other: History, English, Technology, Engineering

These Math apps and extensions for your Chromebook can definitely give rise to your kid performance. However, this is not the complete list; you can see the complete list of apps for the Chrome on the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome Web Store positioned on the new tab page. I hope these apps are helpful to your and for your will make your learning interesting and funny. 


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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