Fantastic Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship Education in Your Classroom

Fantastic Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship Education in Your Classroom

Digital Citizenship is the quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities. - TeachThought

It means teachers and parents need to assist students to learn their rights and responsibilities, identify the possible risks and benefits as well as the ethical and personal implications of the action.

Mainly there are three key areas of digital citizenship. They are:

Digital Literacy: Digital literacy includes how to discovery, sort, manage, assess and create info in digital way. 

Security: Knowing the possible threats that one can get from others and their own behavior. Also the hazards posed by viruses, hacking and phishing.

Community and Ethics: Practicing suitable and right behaviors in a different of digital media settings. Some of these areas include building your own digital reputation and act like a responsible member of the community or any various social networks, forums, etc.

In the 21st century, where technology is very much involved in the education system, it is important for the teachers to teach digital citizenship in the classroom. Here are some fantastic resources for teaching digital citizenship education in the classroom.

Common Sense Media Student Video Library

The Common Sense Media Student Video Library is a video gallery that provides twenty videos of 2-4 minutes long. Teachers can use these videos with their corresponding lesson plans. Teachers can even start these videos to start a conversation with their students in the classroom.



If you wish to adopt the Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity curriculum in your school, visit the website to know more.

Digital Citizenship Classroom Posters

Infographics and posters play a crucial role in educating and informing about digital citizenship. You can easily download informative posters from Common Sense Media for your students. Posters available on Common Sense Media are the best addition to your classroom.

Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence

Common Sense Media’s Scope & Sequence tool helps you to find the lessons that are right for your classroom. Common Sense Media’s Scope & Sequence address digital citizenship topics in the most appropriate manner. Here teachers can browse by category to focus on the lessons that talk about the topic. PDF file of Scope and Sequence can be downloaded from here.

Free Cyber-bullying Tool Kits For all levels of teachers

Today Cyber-bullying is hurting students as well as interrupts classrooms. It also influences school’s culture. So it is very much important to protect students from it. Different measures should be taken towards this side protect students from this pitfall. Tool kit available at Common Sense Media will help you to deal with cyber-bullying. Using Common Sense Media tool kit teachers can take effective stand against Cyber-bullying. So what are you waiting for, use this resource today and take your students against cyber-bullying.

Netsmartz Teens is a result of partnership between Sprint® and NetSmartz®. NSTeens teaches students about making better and safe choices online via interactive comics, short films, animated videos, and games. A lot of teaching materials are accessible for middle and high school teachers. So they can bring interactive and engaging lessons in their classroom. Resources at are free of cost.

Netzsmarts Workshop

Check out this website to for workshop page to get material for various groups. NetSmartz Workshop is an engaging, educational program that offers best resources to assist demonstrate children about digital citizenship specifically how to go safe online. The educational program at NetSmartz Workshop is intended for kids ages 5-17, teachers and parents. Resources are available in the form of videos, cards, games, and presentations.

Media Education Lab

The Media Education Lab is among the prominent sources of multimedia curriculum resources digital citizenship. Teachers can take benefit of huge collection of free resources available on Media Education Lab. You will be astonished to see the digital and media education possibilities available here.

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