Technology As Social Media Tools Help in Teaching

Technology As Social Media Tools Help Teaching

Teaching is one of the hardest professional works. Teachers convey knowledge and values ​​to students, prepare them for learning and living an active life, and are the major contributors to a good education.

However, education can be overwhelming and complicated sometimes, with the curriculum, the development of standards for assessment of new challenging issues, management of the classroom, students' behavioral pattern, and discipline matters - this is a long list.

Social Media websites and tools permit for social interaction and easy development of content by students. Some examples of these tools are Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Wordpress, etc. So, let us behold some of the technology tools to assist teachers do what they do best, more successfully.

Working Smart to Evaluate Student's Learning

On certain occasions, it is very difficult to keep track of students' overall performance, not only as what classes they are scoring, but more as what they learn. So many tools are there (as mentioned above), which assist you as a teacher; giving homework, practice, etc. for students. These social media tools also assist teachers to measure the students' learning progress. Advanced and sophisticated technologies now make it so easy to assess students in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and assist you plan the essential follow-up actions. There are various free lesson plans available on the web. These can be immense supplements for ingenious curriculum, mainly as regards the allocation of duties get graded, and comprehending where each student stands in terms of learning.

Integration of Parents to Develop Home-School Relationship

The most common complaint that teachers have with parents is that they are not engaged in their children's educational life. It is crucial to develop a firm relationship between home/parents and school. Due to the current lifestyle that is most demanding, many of the parents are plagued by guilt for not assist the learning of their children. Advanced technologies as Social Media tools can develop this platform for parents to keenly take part in their children's learning, instead of just being inactive spectators! Teachers may deem using the various tools to keep parents engaged, comprising web sites, blogs, or even use a wiki to share helpful knowledge about their classroom activities like subjects, homework, etc.

Developing the Interest Level

For teachers, the main challenge now is to develop and maintain the interest level of students. They need to spend time on developing engagement activities to retain students on the right track. Students incline to get tired and frequently behave imperfectly when they have nothing to do, and those who are tired and even bored can overlook completely, which can distress their overall performance level. However, Social Media tools offer a number of approaches, and if used intelligently, it can be an immense way to fill those extra minutes to activities related to critical thinking and problem-solving.

Be Organised and Prepared

Now, many excellent tools are offered by technology for teachers to be better prepared and organised for classroom - from lesson planning to retain them organised. Most of the websites propose courses for planners that let you to extract such lesson plans and connect to quizzes or puzzles that you developed. Due to technology, teachers can cooperate with each other and on new procedures and methods, program changes, new and innovative approaches to keep students and parents engaged, etc. The technology of the Internet is simply astonishing to do a great deal of research needed and look for innovative means to be new content, as well as consider the new techniques and procedures of teaching.

Taken as a whole, technology and tools can appear daunting for some teachers; however, the fact is, they could be your excellent approaches.    


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