Leo's Pad: Series of Interactive Animated Stories for Preschoolers

Leo's Pad: Series of Interactive Animated Stories for Preschoolers

Leo’s Pad is a sequence of animated stories for preschoolers made by a team of talented creative and award-winning educational researchers. Leo's Pad apps tell the story of young pals Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo.

This app through animated stories helps kids to learn about science through performing activities like looking for rocket flying, letters in the stars, and telescope building.


Leo’s Pad app introduces children to a young and a notorious Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, who is inventor, engineer, and mathematician. Here, kids interact with the Leo’s and his friends and become friends. Kids actually help Leo and his pals to solve problems, make innovations, make birthday cards and play an important role in everything Leo and his friends do. When kids interact with inventors, engineers, painter and mathematician, they (kids) learn and develop more skills than their academic skills. As children solve puzzles and play games, they learn and understand concepts and develop skills like showing consideration to others.


  • Offer comprehensive early-learning curriculum
  • Multiple appisodes for kids
  • Showing of social skills such as deliberate practice
  • Superior-quality animation
  • Various activities help kids to learn certain set of skills such as impulse control, teamwork and turn taking.
  • "Co-Play" option that allow both kids and children to play
  • Prominence on social and cognitive skills


Since in this app, the character Leo is a mathematician, inventor and engineer and kids learn a lot from him. They get a lot of chance to develop many skills as they interact with Leo. Kids will learn about machines, colors, shapes, as well as some basic concepts of science and math. When kids play special game and solve puzzles, they cultivate logic skills. They also get a lot of opportunity to present their creativity through fun activities. As kids play these games, they also learn and develop traits like being kind to others.


The Leo’s Pad app is worthy of a rational price tag because of:        

  • superior-quality animation
  • emphasis on cognitive and social skills
  • interactive elements

The developers of this app occasionally add latest appisodes to inspire kids in towards learning.


Leo’s Pad’s quality is amazing. Children will get interactive and superior-quality animation that entertains kids and help in their learning process well. Kids are given enough time to respond the problem or to solve the puzzle but not that much that they have to wait a lot for next step. Moreover, the super-quality animation with fun music and the adaptive technology structure the kid’s interactions perfectly and satisfy individual needs perfectly.


Leo Pad app also helps parents, they can sign up to see their child’s progress using Parent’s Pad. They can easily analysis if their wards are improving or deteriorating in certain areas, and also get recommendations for what activities they should do with their kids outside the screen. Leo’s Pad’s interface is easy to navigate and its main focus is to build kids’ skills and assist their parents as well.


Since appisodes offers children a lot of time to play with Leo and his pals as an important part in the stories. Kids cannot always able to pick which activities they have to complete, appisodes are meant to maintain kids’ interest and make sure they have fun and learn throughout the series. Every game or activities children do connect them to the story, making it easy for kids to get-in the activities that may not interest them in the beginning.

Overall, Leo’s Pad app is highly recommended, because the learning activities are entertaining and good, that keeps kids engaged and happy. 


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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