Flocabulary: A Great Online Library of Songs, Videos and Activities for Grades K-12

Flocabulary: A Great Online Library of Songs, Videos and Activities for Grades K-12

Flocabulary is a platform that composes hip hop music to help students to learn vocabulary and various concepts. The videos are full of music and rhymes which help kids to learn in a fun way.

Flocabulary’s online library of songs, videos and activities for grades K-12. Today approx. 20,000 schools have opted Flocabulary to engage and motivate their students.

What Flocabulary Looks Like?

Flocabulary is tool that allows kids to learn vocabulary. Not just this, Flocabulary also covers science, maths and language art. Amused! How rap music could be helpful in learning various subjects like science and maths? Check out this link.

How Does It Work?

Before I go ahead and explain how Flocabulary works, take a look on this video. Here, Flocabulary defines literary devices like similes, allusions & metaphors. Listen this video carefully; you will see each device used in the lyrics follows by an example. 


Videos and Lessons for Learners

It all starts with video at Flocabulary: On this platform, users can find out academic rich, highly-engaging contents to learn. They provide both aural and visual exposure to the students and let the topic speak to itself.

Go in Depth with Interactive Lyrics: Users can play and pause the video to learn new vocabulary every time. Moreover, the script of the video is also available in the printable PDF form.

Review Key Concepts With Challenge Questions: Users can as a class, in groups, or individually, students can hone in on specific details and review key points from the song in a flashcard format.

Activity and Test for Teachers

Master relevant vocabulary with Fill in the Blanks: Keywords have been removed from the each song and the students need to fill it back through a quiz or a competitive activity. It is available in PDF format.

Practice with printable exercises: Using exercises that are provided at Flocabulary, teachers can help students to develop their critical thinking. Students use their writing skills and Common Core-aligned skills to showcase their learning. Exercise available at Flocabulary is in all shapes that gives students huge exposure in every subject.         

Track Progress with Tests: Printable test papers available on Flocabulary offer a more traditional assessment and enables teachers to identify problems.

Flocabulary is indeed a wonderful place to learn, so what are you waiting for, try Flocabulary today! Don’t take our word for it; check out these stories from real teachers who have taken the Flocabulary program to a new level. 

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