List of Twitter Hashtags for Higher Education Professionals

List of Twitter Hashtags to Higher Education Professionals

Twitter is the most popular social networking platform among higher education enthusiasts. They use Twitter to spread reports, analysis and trends to inform students or other educators.

If you are an educator or a student, you must know these Twitter hashtags in order to get the latest news and happenings of the higher education industry. We have compiled this list of hashtags to make your navigation and curation easier on Twitter.


Using this hashtag, you can collect the latest resources and tips from some of experts over the web. This is a must-follow hashtag for higher education enthusiasts.


Education establishments are moving more to the web, they are offering their courses and coursework online. Follow this hashtag and get all the possible info about courses available over online. Do not forget to check #eLearning.


This hashtag is very much popular in higher education. You will find interesting stuff, people to follow while using this hashtag.


Well! Twitter is available on mobile also. More than half college student possess mobile devices that gave them access of latest information and college resources.


There are a number of tech talks nowadays that are helpful for the higher education student.


To get general education news, this hashtag is very helpful. This hashtag is a continuous stream of getting useful information being tweeted everyday.


Hashtag will help you to connect with professors and lecturers across the world to discuss pedagogy and teaching methods.


Using this hashtag you can join weekly chat on every Tuesdays at 1 p.m


Get this hashtag to find out how teachers are using open source e-learning program in their class.


This hashtag will help you to find out how higher education establishments are benefiting students by "Massive Open Online Courses."


Participate in the chat on every Tuesday from 8-9 p.m to discuss and get advice from educators related to academics.


Using this hashtag, you can discuss college campus resources.


With this hashtag, you can follow conversation or thread on how to make college affordable with students, legislators and educators.


Participate in debates and discussions related to college, scholarships, online learning and attainment rates.


Share and gather info about community college.


Discuss about college activities and unions with student affairs advisors and university educators.


You can share latest educational applications with educators, students as well as with college administrators.


Join conversations with educational leaders and discuss topics like IT infrastructure, flipped instructional technique, and faculty leadership.


Using this hashtag, you can give opinion on regulations and policy reforms affecting higher ed.


Share your views on discussion with education leaders’ on the role of social media in higher education.


See the discussion of college enrollment management leaders and education industry leaders on various topics.


Using this hashtag, one can chat with industry professionals related to higher ed marketing.


With this hashtag, you can chat and discuss news related to higher education with industry leaders.

Need more information related to colleges and universities on Twitter? Here's a comprehensive Twitter Directory (list of people + hashtags + chats) for Higher Education.

Any major hashtag missing? You can always add it to the comment box.

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