Improve English On The Go – 7 Best Apps For Learning English

Improve English On The Go – 7 Best Apps For Learning English

With summer around the corner and two whole months available, life seems to have given you yet another chance to stretch your wings. There is so much that can be done during the summers, but know this, how you spend your time during these days actually matters.

Most people use summers to do courses, learn new languages or do internships.

Equipping yourself with a new language seems to be a very good investment. Today, the world has become a global village. People around the world are closer to each other, thanks to the internet. Yet, the language barrier is still there since different languages are spoken all over the world. In order to eliminate this barrier, people are learning English, which is an international language.

One of the best things of the 21st century is the technology; you can do so much, easily. Technology is no longer a luxury for us. In fact, technology is now integrated in our daily life. This has lead to some very remarkable achievements.

With the advent of the internet and smart phones, learning has become much easier than before. There are a number of websites and android apps that allow their users to do courses and learn new languages such as English. I have made a list of a few such apps:


This is a great app for children. It introduces students to words in a manner that the word specifically refers to the context of a game. The words in the app are theme-based engaging games that keep children excited about learning. With support and positive reinforcements, children who struggle are able to master their English vocabulary.                


EF High Flyers is an easy to use app that introduces English vocabulary by starting with numbers and objects used in everyday life. After introducing to a set of words, the app tests you through spelling, vocabulary listening and reading quizzes to check how much you have learned.


For all those people who rely on flash cards, Flashcardlet is an iPad app designed by Quizlet for children. It helps them access decks of flash cards you make using on your own list of words. The good thing is that teachers can actually place pictures next to the English words. This helps children learn the new words more quickly.


Futaba is basically a game app, which can be played by 1-4 players. It provides players with pictures of various items and asks the players to name them. In Futaba, players are required to name the most items correctly in one minute, whoever does so wins the round. This game not only teaches children new words, but it also challenges them to do so better than their friends.


The good thing about this app is that it has a vast record of as much as 3000 words, phrases and expressions. And, it covers a great many topics through its detailed and interactive tests.


One of the most interesting apps I have come across is Speakingpal english tutor. It is basically meant for children who have trouble concentrating with work. SpeakingPal has short 5 minute lessons that can be very interactive, thanks to the voice recognition software.


Voxy is especially popular in the Spanish community. It uses news and stories, common among the Spanish speakers, in English. It builds interest in its users through quizzes and interactive games, allowing them to consciously translate each object’s name in English.

These are just some of the apps from a list that goes in hundreds. These apps are free and can be downloaded on both iPhone and android. The best feature of these apps is that they are interactive and focus on teaching through games, quizzes and puzzles. This keeps the user interested in learning English. 

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