Educator’s Checklist of 9 Podcasts

Educator’s Checklist of 9 Podcasts

A perfect checklist for teachers and educators to be inspired and be up to date on education and the role of technology in education.

1. TED Talks: The inspiration from TED talks can be talked about by many of its subscribers. A great source of energy

 by brightest minds from all over the world.

2. Steve Hargadon: He is a leader in education technology and there are podcasts on his thoughts on future of education.
3. The Ed Tech Crew Podcast : Hosted by a team of Darrel Branston and Tony Richards. They speak on various topics related to role of technology in education. ( Android app is also available in Google Play Store )
4. EdReach : The focus of EdReach’s podcasts are on innovative apps and different web tools for teachers. Episodes focus on technology as a tool for students of all ages and abilities.
5. Google Educast : Google certified teachers are happy to share new tech tools and obviously Google product which can be used in the classroom. And it is a weekly podcast.
6. EdTechTalk : In the podcast called Teachers Teaching Teachers, the group discuss about new software and tools they are successfully using in the classroom.
7. EdukWest: A podcast started by a woman who wanted to follow all the startups and trends in education. Various contributors now host the EdukWest podcasts.
8. Educate : Podcast mainly focuses on technology in classroom and student use. The database of podcasts makes it easy to search by topic or theme.
9. Power to Learn : A great set of tips and guidance for teachers to be aware about various topics such as plagiarism, common core standards, and mobile teaching ideas.

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