Amazing Blogs and Resources for Insights on Math Education

Amazing Blogs and Resources for Insights on Math Education

It is seen that the toughest class for majority of teachers and students is the class of Mathematics. But with the advent of technology in teaching and learning Maths has made it easy and fun.

Here is a list of websites and some resources that will make teaching and learning Maths easy for your classroom.

Math's Fun: Math’s Fun, as the name suggest, is a website that aims to make math a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Here you can find a lot of features, lessons and activities given by Maths teachers and individuals belong to Maths community across the globe.

Aplus Math: Aplus Math offers engaging resources for the students, teachers and parents to make Mathmatics fun.  It features various free math flashcards, worksheets, games, and much more.

Math Central: It is an online service for Maths teachers and students. This website is maintained by students and educators of the University of Regina in Canada.

SuperKids: SuperKids is a platform that enables your kids to create their own Math drills. Just pick the type of sum, select maximum and minimum numbers of problems, then press the button. After that, a worksheet is created to your terms, now you can print it.

Math TV: It is a platform that features a wide range of videos of Maths that covers a lot of Maths ideas. Such videos can be easily browsed.

Ten Marks: You will get videos and hints on every problem, so if you couldn’t be able to remember things and was absent in the class and didn’t get any topic, you can quickly check and review the content on the site.

AAA Math: AAA Math provides a lot of mathematics lessons from playschool to eight grades. You can do limitless exercise on every topic that will make you master thorough various Maths concepts.

Get The Math: This platform is about algebra. Here you can see how experts use math in basketball music, restaurants, fashion, videogames, and special effects.

Math Words: It is an engaging math dictionary contains sufficient that math terms, words, diagrams formulas, tables, pictures, as well as examples to please you’re inside math geek.

SMILE: The SMILE project was planned to increase the elementary as well as high school learning for Mathematics and Science using phenomenological methodology.

Simpsonsmath: This platform contains a lot of examples of Maths from arithmetic, geometry to calculus.

Math League: This platform provides a lot of services that emphasis on increasing the quality and quantity of mathematical opportunities accessible to students.

These were the websites offering good resources for learning Math, however, if you are looking for blogs on Math education, then here is a huge list of such blogs.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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