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While a growing number of open online education technology platforms are now providing education to virtually anyone with the Internet, some players are beginning to socialize the learning process and crowd source homework; one of those "players" is Brainly.com.

Brainly is a crowd learning destination for in-group homework assistance and social learning.

Brainly's focus is on creating an online space connecting fellow students, in which they can exchange ideas, solve problems together, cooperate with teachers and meet new people. The first Brainly website was established in 2009 in Poland and experienced great popularity. The online learning center has around 400 volunteer moderators, a number of which are teachers or ex-teachers who maintain order in the community and the quality of content.

Brainly covers educational topics that include Geography, Various languages, Biology, Mathematics, Social studies, History, Business, Health, Chemistry, Art, Computer sciences and more. It's a place where you can share your knowledge about a topic you love and have the expertise to teach, and find help for the subjects you can't quite grasp; it's a fun, win-win situation that has been proven to be highly effective. According to The Next Web, more than 80% of all questions posted on Brainly are generally answered in less than 10 minutes.

Brainly’s educational system is, for the most part, targeted at school students although there are seniors online as well. The website consists of a questions and answers platform, where they can find help with subjects they're having trouble with and sharing their knowledge with others. To balance out the number of questions and answers and present an incentive for users to help their fellow students on the site, the company has created a unique point system. In addition, points are earned by joining Brainly.com, for providing the right answer, visiting everyday day to help out and by rating the answers found on the website. It's a learning experience that requires mutual give and take. In other words, if a student helps someone they earn 5 points that they can use to get help for themselves. In essence, the website’s build in expansion mode is based on our innate desire to be seen as knowledgeable at any age, as well as being helpful to our peers.

In addition to being able to ask questions and get the answers, the way the platform is set up makes student's studies more efficient. What is more, they're able to make friends and work with other students who are interested in similar subjects. Brainly's mission is to give students a place to quickly gain and explore lucid knowledge for homework and learning.

Today, Brainly is one of the biggest social learning networks in the world with more than 26 million unique users at last count and several different language versions in countries that include the United States. The online learning community is on its way to taking on the world, globally revolutionizing the way people of all ages study and learn.


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Author: Marcin GnatWebsite: http://brainly.com
Journalist and a blogger fascinated with the Edtech technologies, working as a blogs and media specialist for Brainly.com. Also a music fan and a long distance runner.

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