List of 20+ Apps and Extensions for Chromebookers

List of Apps and Extensions for Chromebookers

1:1 is a fantastic approach and if you are lucky enough to have your own personal device in the classroom, then it is just awesome and beneficial - mainly in terms of efficiency. Educators have found Google Chromebook a good option for 1:1.

With your Chromebook you will have your saved bookmarks, passwords, familiar files and much more. And thanks to the large collection of extensions and apps, Chromebookers have access to various tools for their personal tasks as well as their classroom tasks, which makes it is useful not only inside the classroom but also outside.

Here are some of the great extensions on Chromebook

Chrome extensions are the tools that are present inside your chrome browser and offers supplementary functionality by connecting you to other functionality. There are many extensions available which are helpful for students in their process of learning.

Ginger: Ginger is software that is used to check spelling and grammar errors while using Drive and Gmail. This software is designed to offer support to the students with dyslexia but it is useful for everyone.

Clearly: Clearly is an app that can be used to enhance your on screen reading experiences.

PicMonkey: Over a site that has images that you want to grab, just click on the PicMonkey button and all images of the site will appear.

Add to Drive: Using add to drive, you can quickly and easily save images, links and pages directly to the drive account. With this app, curtion can be even faster.

Google Dictionary: With this amazing app, foreign words can be easily translated as well as you can fully access the definition. This extension is very much helpful for those learners who are struggling to translate words.

LastPass: It is a secure and free cross-platform password management system.

Announcify: There are a lot of text-to-speech extensions available nowadays, but Announcify separates itself from them as it has few more amazing features.

Autocopy: This extension allows you to automatically copy text or links when they are selected saving the number times a day you click Ctrl/Cmd + C. This extension allows you to remove the YouTube add-ons and related videos from the screen, showing only the video and the search bar. 

Evernote Web Clipper: Send any link, document or site to Evernote.

Apps for Chromebook

Here are top pick apps for your chromebook classroom.

BookTrack: BookTrack is an amazing app for creating book with written piece with background music.  It enables students to add sound track in their reading.

BioDigital Human: This app brings virtual 3D human body to life. BioDigital Human app will give students the ability and generate interest to study anatomy and look inside body deeply.

MoveNote: MoveNote gives learners the ability to add audio and video as well as descriptions to their products right in Google Drive.

Geddit: Geddit is a best way to scale understanding right from the students themselves.

Graphing Calculator by Desmos: It is a web-based calculator for Google’s popular browser and has the same feature as in regular calculator has.

GeoGebra: GeoGebra is an engaging algebra and geometry app that enables students animatedly edit and display content.

Planetarium: Planetarium is a wonderful app for those who are interested about the constellations of the stars and galaxy.

Gmail Offline: Gmail Offline is a wonderful app that enables users it read, respond, and archive mail even when they are not connected.

Typing Web: Students required to use keyboarding skills to produce and publish writing. The Typing Web app helps students develop the keyboard skills they’ll need to meet the Common Core English Language Arts standards. In as little as ten minutes a few times a week, students can build the foundation for developing solid keyboard skills.

SnagitSnagit helps through screencasting and screen capture. This app comes as a package deal: teachers will need both the Snagit app and the extension for both to work.

KaizenaKaizena allows teachers and students to provide feedback within the document and with voice comments. Think of it as voicemail, texting and tagging all in one place.

PowToonEngage students with animated presentations that they will not only watch and listen, they will want to create their own! Use it as a school-wide motivational message for students during testing. 

Realtime BoardAn endless whiteboard that allows ideas to flow and organize themselves for students and teachers. Realtime Board helps teachers and students visualize their thinking. This is an interactive whiteboard that provides drawing tools, objects, and the ability to add files and videos.

I am sure there would be a lot of apps and extensions you would be aware of and you use in your classrooms. Share them with us in the comment box.

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