8 Fantastic Free Resources You Must Know for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Learning a foreign language offers several benefits; it is advantageous for travel, career, etc. Despite of all these benefits, many people think that learning a foreign language is not necessary, but the fact it, in this global economy, it is not just optional but a need.

It’s a fact that today that the number of English speaking people are larger; about 1.5 billion people across the globe speak English and therefore, which is why this language has become as lingua franca.  

Why to limit yourself with just one language? With the increasing number of trade, tourism business, immigration, and with the growing number of globalisation chances you might find yourself with someone speaking in language other than English, that’s why, it is important to learn foreign languages as well.

The following reasons may persuade you to learn foreign language.

For Taking Admission in School or College

Learning a new language other than English can sometimes become mandatory to take admission in schools and colleges. Ability to speak a foreign language and experience of different culture can be good.

Learning Foreign Language is good for Future Prospect

Well not every case but in few knowing a different language can be the reason of promotion. However, learning foreign language is not just about stuffing your resume. Since globalisation is in full swing in 21st century, there are chances that you may come across or work with people whose language is not English.

To Travel Overseas

If your travel plans involve going to non-English-speaking country than you probably have a reason to learn foreign language. Even knowing basics of any foreign language can ease your travel.  Even if you are not able to communicate properly but knowing some words can be really awesome and people just appreciate that you are trying to speak in their language.

Learning New Language Makes you Smarter

You may not know but researchers suggest that being bilingual make you smarter make your mental health better. So even if you are not considering travelling overseas or career future prospect learning, you still have a reason to learn foreign language. Researches have shown that speaking other language rather than native language cognitive skills.

Today, when technology is just a button away, you do not have to push yourself hard to learn foreign language. Here are eight fantastic free resources for learning and teaching foreign language.

Open Culture Foreign Language Collection: In this list, you can find out free lessons in 40 languages. Users can download podcasts/mp3in their device.

Deutsch – warum nicht?:  The platform offers huge collection of preliminary lessons of German. You can explore lessons in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish: The platform offers video instructional series to teach listening and speaking Spanish for high school and college students.

Ma France: The BBC offers 24 video lessons that will teach French.

Real Chinese: Real Chinese is offered by BBC. An active overview to Mandarin Chinese available in 10 short parts with movie clips from the Real Chinese TV series.

Talk Italian: A dynamic overview to Italian given by the BBC.

WatchKnowLearn: This platform has combined YouTube videos that will teach learners new languages.


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