Do you Know about These 10 Free Math Web Resources?

Do you Know about These 10 Free Math Web Resources?

Math is an exciting and engaging subject and math classroom is the most active class. Over the past decades, teachers have critically enhanced their understanding of how to teach and how student learn maths.

At every grade level, students are keenly involved in the Math learning process. Educators can aid students' learning by asking tough questions that require deep and critical thinking.

Web technology has offered many amazing resources that educators can use to facilitate Math learning process of their students. Here is collection of ten free math web resources that you should know.

AAA Maths: AAA Maths features a complete set of interactive mathematics lessons. Infinite practice lessons are available on every topic that enables detailed mastery of the thoughts. Users can sort by subjects as well as grade level.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics: The platform offers video series for college and high school. Resources available on the platform show students the significance of statistics in real-world.

Algebra: In Simplest Terms: Algebra: In Simplest Terms offers step-by-step guide on algebra concepts. The platform provides video series on algebra for high school, college and adult learners.

Calculus Lifesaver: Calculus Lifesaver is a platform where you can find a lecture series in video to master calculus. This series of video is compiled by Adrian Banner, a lecturer at Princeton. You can find 24 lectures of calculus on iTune learn and understand this traditionally frustrating subject.

Khan Academy Maths:  Khan Academy Maths tutorials are best and used by a lot of educators across the globe. You can find out tutorials by clicking here Vi Hart Animations, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Precalculus Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Algebra, Brain Teasers, Geometry, Calculus.

Math Shack: Math Shack enables students to take part in a lot of auto-generated math problems in Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. It is a common core-aligned and educators can see how students are performing.

NRICH: NRICH provides maths resources for kids, teachers, and parents to enhance learning. It provides resources for students of all ages.

TutPup Math: This platform helps young students to gain mastery and confidence in basic maths skills.

Wolfram MathWorld: Wolfram MathWorld offers wide maths resource. The collection of offers free by makers of Mathematica, Wolfram Research. Some of the topics covered includes: Geometry, Applied Mathematics, Topology, Calculus and Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics.

IXL: This platform features thousands of Maths exercises specially designed to help K-8 students to practice. It contains step-by-step explanation, easy-to-read development reports, practice questions and engaging awards and certificates and much more.

So, is Maths your favourite subject or you just hates maths? In both the cases, these resources will help your to practice maths in interesting ways. Learning and teaching maths is not a challenging task when it involves fun. You can help your children by offering engaging and interactive maths material. Try out these easy tips for your kids to help them to learn maths.

  • Make counting part of your daily life. Kids may not like counting one, two, three, four, but they enjoy counting stairs of porch. Give them example and make maths exercise a part of their routine.
  • If your kids have basic interest in arithmetic, try out riddles to throughout the day. It will help them to keep thinking. Like- tell a riddle every day over breakfast and ask them to find answer till end of the day.
  • Turn simple activities into fun like- while eating waffle see if she can divide it into quarter or halves also see if they are able to count a number of waffle grooves.
  • You can also use fun maths worksheet to enrich your kid’s maths education. Some kids take little more time to do maths sheet and some do it quickly. Encourage your children to do maths worksheet daily. 
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Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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