10 Great Places to Find, Download and Read Free or Inexpensive eBooks

10 Great Places to Find, Download and Read Free or Inexpensive eBooks

eBooks are great source of knowledge and information in this digital world. eBooks are engaging, informative and insightful. Many readers still prefer to read traditional books but some people combine tech with learning and choose eBooks.

In this technological era, Internet, computer, electronic readers and smart phones have actually expanded the learning horizon and given us more options to obtain information and strength knowledge base. eBooks have actually helped in the access to information to support various ways we learn. Searching and Buying books from shops is a time-consuming process; which makes eBooks a convenient option. Here are some main reasons why you should consider eBooks for reading.

eBooks are portable

You do not have to worry about carrying a bag full of books wherever you go. With eBook one can keep organised their educational material digitally, and can access them from a number of devices like PC, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

eBooks can be delivered immediately 

Readers can download eBooks at the same moment they want to read.  They also do not have to worry about out of stock or book that hasn’t arrived. eBooks are stored in your device therefore, there is no need to worry about forgetting or losing books.

eBooks accommodate learning styles

In this digital era, students look for infographics, videos, diagrams, all these things help them to enrich their learning experience.

You can scan eBooks quickly

Search feature of eEooks is tough to beat. Readers can easily look into the topics or content of eBooks easily, within minutes. This feature of eBook makes it very useful and convenient. Moreover, user can bookmark pages and can take note easily.

All these features of eBooks make it a popular choice among avid readers. Here is a great list of places where you can find and download free or inexpensive eBooks.

Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg provides over 46,000 free ebooks: pick among free kindle books and free epub books either read them online or download them. The platform is also available in Português, Deutsch, Français languages.

Free Booksy: Free Booksy is another platform where you can find eBooks easily to read.  Readers can browse eBooks by genre; some of the genre includes non-fiction, children’s, science fiction, literacy fiction, thriller, paranormal, etc.

Bookish: On this platform, readers can find eBooks in various categories. The main objective of this platform is to give readers information about author, book, genres that they want to read.

Goodreaders: Goodreaders was launched in 2007. Readers can find what book their friends are reading or track book you have to or want to read in future. Readers can also find out if a book is good or not by reading book reviews on Goodreaders. The platform also provides book recommendations according to readers test.     

Which Book: Whichbook enables millions of users to find out book of their interest by matching a lot of books and then suggest books. Readers can add list of their favourite book simply by using their Facebook ID or registering on website.

eReaderIQ:  With eReaderIQ user can get free book notifications, free book list, price drop notifications, advanced search option and much more.

Book Bub: BookBub alerts you to discounted and limited-time free eBooks that suits your interest. The platform is free to join and readers can read books on any device.

Hundred Zeroes: This is another platform where readers can download free eBooks.

What Should I Read Next? : On this platform, you have to enter a book that you would like to read and the platform offers book recommendations.

Calibre: Calibre is an open and free source of e-books. It is the one stop solution to all your e-book needs.

Did we miss a popular resource that might be helpful for readers? Add it to the comment box.

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