3 Amazing Notebook Services Educators Must Know About

3 Amazing Notebook Services Educators Must Know About

With the growth in tablets and smartphone and their availability, it is convenient to replace pen and notebook with notebook apps available on the web. Below you will find three awesome apps that are available to help you take and save notes faster on the go.


Evernote is an amazing tool for educators and students to take note, snap pictures of whiteboard, record video collaborate on projects, save research and much more.  Whatever, this you add in your account will automatically sync and made available on devices. Evernote offers two plans basic and premium.  The basic plan is free and offers basic uploads and unlimited notebooks, whereas premium plan charges USD5/month and offers offline notebooks and priority support.

Collaborate: Collaborate with other users and share notebooks. The platform is best for group projects, researched assignments and lesson plans.

Organise Classroom Material: With Evernote, users can organise classroom material easily. Attach any file with it and can access to from any device at any place or point of time.

Pin Websites: Using web clipper of Evernote, users can capture whole page: image and text.

Create notes and lists: Users can keep all their important notes directly in Evernote as well as checkboxes the list and you can check the list in your box.

PIN Lock Devices: Android and iOS users can lock their Evernote device for security.


Microsoft OneNote enables users to collect notes, links, sketches, videos and other media in one place.  The platform offers two plans; Microsoft OneNote for Mobile and Microsoft OneNote for Windows. With this digital note-taking app users can:

Creative with Inking: With this platform, users can get freedom in note taking. Stay creative with erase and draw and edit with mouse or figure or even if you want type, this app will change your handwriting into text.

Embed files: Users can attach pictures and video right into the note. Therefore, all information is just a click away. Even if users insert or attach excel spreadsheet, you can preview diagram and charts. Moreover, when you update excel file, the preview automatically get updated as well.

Explore Tables and Charts: Users can create their own tables and charts and move columns and rows quickly. Converting table and charts for calculation can be done easily in one click.


Google Keep is a free service by Google. With Google Keep, you can easily capture what’s in your mind and make a note. You can add text and picture and can access it using mobile and desktop. Using Google Keep users can:

  • Keep your thoughts, notes and picture arranged.
  • Use color-code to identify notes later.
  • Add checkboxes and turn notes into checklist.
  • Voice notes recorded automatically.
  • Users can use it web, android and Chrome.

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