List of Over 100 Online Courses/MOOCs Starting in July 2015

List of Over 100 Online Courses/MOOCs Starting in July 2015

For all you online learners, here's a list of over 100 MOOCs and Online Courses coming up in the month of July 2015.


工程圖學 2D CAD 專題

Jul 1st | Coursera

Phot1x: Silicon Photonics Design, Fabrication and Data Analysis

Jul 7th | edX

EE40LX: Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

Jul 13th | edX

IDB7x: Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda | Urbanization in Latin America

Jul 14th | edX

工程圖學 3D CAD

Jul 15th | Coursera

EE210.1x: Signals and Systems, Part 1

Jul 16th | edX

Introduction to Systems Engineering

Jul 20th | Coursera

EE210.2X: Signals and Systems, Part 2

Jul 23rd | edX


PFLC1x: On-Ramp to AP* French Language and Culture

Jul 1st | edX

INQ101x: Teaching With Technology and Inquiry: An Open Course For Teachers

Jul 1st | edX

Foundations of Virtual Instruction

Jul 6th | Coursera

Learning to Teach Online

Jul 6th | Coursera

Mastering Academic Research: Information Skills for Successful Students

Jul 6th |

MechC101x: On-Ramp to AP* Physics C: Mechanics

Jul 8th | edX

CS.2x: Preparing for the AP* Computer Science A Exam — Part 2

Jul 15th | edX

Chem.2x: Preparing for the AP* Chemistry Exam - Part 2

Jul 15th | edX

11.133x: Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology

Jul 15th | edX

Web Accessibility MOOC for Educators

Jul 20th |

HGA.1x: Utopedia: Educación para una Sociedad del Conocimiento

Jul 21st | edX

Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning

Jul 22nd | Coursera

Prior Learning Assessment for Educators and Industry

Jul 27th |


TBOMx: The Business of Mining

Jul 1st | edX

Etkili Konuşma (Effective Speaking)

Jul 1st | Coursera

Digital Brand Engagement

Jul 1st | EdCast

QEMx: Quality Engineering & Management

Jul 1st | edX

Transformation to Hybrid Landscapes

Jul 2nd | openSAP

Managing Food & Beverage Companies

Jul 3rd | Coursera

Digital.Me: Managing your Digital Self

Jul 6th |

The Role of Global Capital Markets

Jul 6th | Coursera

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Jul 6th | Coursera

The Global Business of Sports

Jul 6th | Coursera

MCO425x: Media LIT: Overcoming Information Overload

Jul 6th | edX

FA1-MA1.X: Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting

Jul 6th | edX

FA2-MA2.X: Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting

Jul 6th | edX

PN-15.2: Communicating Strategically

Jul 6th | edX

Social Entrepreneurship 101: Discovering Your Path and Passion to Change the World

Jul 7th | NovoED

IL2x: Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader

Jul 7th | edX

B1156​x: Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y su impacto sobre la Gestión de la Tecnología de la Información

Jul 7th | edX

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Jul 10th | Coursera

Employability Skills for Industry

Jul 20th |

How to Succeed at: Interviews

Jul 20th | FutureLearn

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

Jul 20th | Coursera

Claridad Sobre el Impacto Social: Componentes Fundamentales de Acumen para el Análisis del Impacto

Jul 20th | NovoED

Entrepreneurial Strategic Management

Jul 20th | Coursera

IS110x: Innovation and IT Management

Jul 21st | edX

Entrepreneurship Capstone

Jul 27th | Coursera

O Empreendedorismo e as Competências do Empreendedor

Jul 27th | Coursera

職場素養 (Professionalism)

Jul 28th | Coursera

IDB6x: Gestión de Proyectos de Desarrollo | Project Management Techniques for Development Professionals

Jul 28th | edX

ga005: 経営(マネジメント)入門

Jul 30th | gacco

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